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Author & Media Pharmacist as SEEN on the BBC


Marvin Munzu is an author,  media pharmacist, a superintendent pharmacist, pharmacy manager, fitness coach and inspirational speaker . Featured on several BBC shows, Marvin is the creator of the Success in Pharmacy” programme. A programme which empowers students and professionals with key skills and strategies to become outstanding and successful in their careers. He is also the author of the “Success Secrets 4 Students”

In 2003, Marvin graduated from the university of Bradford. He struggled to find a good  job and went through a very dark period of emotional pain and rejection. He was broke, had no job nor  money to pay his bills. He did several low paid temporary jobs in warehouses, factories, kitchens and cleaning jobs. Every good job he applied for he was rejected and was told he did not have the personal skills employers wanted.

In the summer of 2006, Marvin’s self confidence had reached rock bottom and he became very depressed and cut off from family and friends. At this point he was fed up and decided to transform his life.

Marvin learned that having a graduate degree was not enough he also had to learn to differentiate and brand himself. Marvin made a decision to return to university and study pharmacy. This time he not only focused on gaining knowledge and sitting exams, but also on mastering key personal skills to differentiate himself from other students to be successful after graduating. He spent the next four years developing these differentiation skills, strategies and techniques which have made him a very successful pharmacy manager, superintendent pharmacist, fitness coach, media personality, author and international speaker today

Marvin’s goal is first to inspire and motivate pharmacy students to succeed by teaching them the skills he used to differentiate himself and also to train pharmacists who have a passion for public speaking how to turn their passion into a profitable side business.

Marvin’s workshops and seminars are attended by many students, pharmacists and other professionals and are very entertaining, inspiring and educating. Marvin has inspired several students to become more confident, excel at interviews, succeed at exams, enjoy their jobs and achieve their goals.

Marvin obtained a masters degree in pharmacy (Mpharm) from Kingston University (London)and a Bsc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Management from Bradford University.

He is also a media pharmacist and features regularly on the BBC Breakfast show, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Look East TV, The Guardian newspaper and several other media. He has also featured in several press releases. Marvin is currently writing his first book “Success Secrets 4 Students”

Marvin lives in Northamptonshire with his wife and two children. He is bilingual and fluent in both French and English. He loves travelling, sports, reading and sharing inspirational stories


5 thoughts on “About Marvin

  1. Being born with a Golden spoon is not the road kto success, we are not born succesful. We become successful because we decided to become better people, because we became aware of our environment and ourselves, thus becoming ready to exhale. This is who you are today because you merit it Marvin bro. You are a great Leader. Hugs

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