My Motivational letter to the (26%) pharmacy pre-reg students that failed this years exam


Dear friend,

I may not know you personally but i feel your pain and disappointment. I understand how difficult it is after putting in so many years of study, four hard years at university, graduating and falling at the final hurdle (pre-reg). I empathise with you. I too failed a few exams when i was studying for my pharmacy degree. Its very painful when everyone else seems to be celebrating except you

You must always remember  that you are truly special and have a unique gift and ability. You are very intelligent and very capable because you have already achieved a masters degree in Pharmacy

I believe you can do it and you will do it next time. If this was your last chance, then you will still succeed in what ever career you decide to pursue. It is not what happens to us that affects our future, but what we ‘DECIDE‘ to do about what happens.

It is not failing this exam that determines your future, but rather what you decide to do about it NOW.

Here are 5 key messages of encouragement i’ll like to share with you

1) You are good enough

You are good enough and you have the power within you to pass this exam. Just because today is painful doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be great. You have already made it this far and have already overcome several challenges through out your university and pre-reg year. Failure is an integral part on the way to success and self realisation. Each failure brings you a step closer to achieving your goal

2) You are not your failures

No matter how often you fail, you are not a failure as long as you don’t give up. Life did not come with instructions. Accept that you’ll fail from time to time. You are not your mistakes, you are not your failures, you are not your struggles and you are here now with the power to shape your today and your tomorrow. No matter how painful this experience has been, it is now in the past and your future is clean and promising. What you do with it now depends on you, your past does not equal your future

3) Positive thinking creates positive results

Winston Churchill said ‘ Success is moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm’. If others have done it, you can do it too. The mind must believe it can do something before it can actually achieve it. Negative thinking creates negative results and positive thinking creates positive results. To get the positive results you desire and deserve, you must make a commitment to be positive. You have what it takes to succeed. Use this disappointment as a great teacher and allow yourself to learn some of the most valuable life lessons

Each failure makes you stronger, bigger and better.

I believe in you. I know you have what it takes to succeed. Your destiny is in your hands, its in the decision you make now about this experience. Use this as a stepping stone to propel you to great success. You are not alone on your journey, every successful person has failed several times. 

I know you will be a great and successful pharmacist. You will achieve your dream. Your hard work will pay off. And when you pass, i’ll be waiting for you on the other side

Yours sincerely




5 Things every Pharmacist must do on a Monday to have a productive week

Dear pharmacist, the start of your week will determine your productivity and success for the week.

A successful week begins with a commitment to make the week successful. It starts with a mental preparation and then a physical realisation.

So let’s not waste anymore of your precious time and go straight into the 5 key things you must absolutely do today to ensure a successful week

1) Charge your mental state

Start today with positive thoughts. A determination and mental commitment to make your week successful.

  • Write down 2-3 top work goals to achieve this week (NMS, MURS, new patient sign ups, CPDs etc)
  • Write down 2-3 personal goals to achieve this week
  • Commit to staying positive and productive this week regardless of any obstacles

2) Have a quick 2-minute huddle with your staff

Your staff or work colleagues are key to making your week successful. Have a quick update meeting with your staff and set their goals for the week. Motivate them and spread your positive energy and enthusiasm to them. Spend time with them and encourage them

3) Eat healthy & exercise

Plan and prepare your meals in advance to avoid snacking. Decide to eat healthy this week, eat foods that empower and boost your energy. Also drink more water than teas or coffees and make some time to exercise and rejuvenate your body and mind

4) Plan some fun activities

Plan a few fun after work activities for the week (socialise, watch a movie or go to the cinema, read an interesting book or article, go to a restaurant, hobbies  etc)

5) Review

Review your week at the end, notice what worked successsfully, what goals you achieved and what did not work and make an effort to improve for the following week

Wishing you a productive and successful week.

Happy monday


Ask the Pharmacist: Exercise tips for your Heart

images (1)

We all know the benefits exercise has on our hearts. But here are a few exercise tips your heart will love. Tips which will ignite your internal power house and fire your health to the top

1) Exercise regularly

Studies show that doing moderate exercises (e.g brisk walking, swimming, running) for just 30 mins a day, five days a week can significantly boost your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases

2) Consult your doctor

If you have any medical condition such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, you should always consult a doctor first before beginning any sort of exercise regimen.

3) Choose the right type and right intensity

Not all types of exercises may be suitable for you especially if you have any heart disease. Ignore the high intensity exercises such as push ups, heavy lifting, sit ups and go for less intense ones such as walking, swimming and light jogging. Perform these exercises at a moderate intensity

4) Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated all the time, drink lots of water even when you don’t feel thirsty whilst exercising

5) Pace Yourself

Maintain a steady pace when exercising, and rest between workouts to recuperate

6) Avoid extreme weather conditions

Avoid exercising in extreme weather conditions. Do not exercise outdoors if its too hot, too cold or very humid as these could trigger shortness of breath and chest pain

7) Pull your emergency trigger

Always be prepared for any emergencies and recognise the signs. Stop exercising and consult your doctor immediately if you are feeling dizzy, short of breath or experiencing chest pain

The PharmacyFitnessGuru

How Exercising Reduces Pharmacy Dispensing Errors


We all know the countless benefits of exercising but did you also know exercising and fitness can reduce your number of dispensing errors drastically?

We are all familiar with the Elizabeth Lee story who dispensed Propranolol instead of Prednisolone to an elderly patient leading to her death. Dispensing errors are on a rise in pharmacies with the NPSA receiving more cases than ever

It is imperative for all pharmacists to be very alert and safeguard themselves from being the next prosecution story.

Patients are more cautious and make more claims against pharmacists than before. The need to decriminalise dispensing errors in pharmacy is a hot topic as well as reporting dispensing errors.

As a pharmacist or pharmacy manager, you are responsible for ensuring all safety measures are in place to prevent errors in your pharmacy

We all know exercising helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and weight, improves energy, lifts mood, lowers stress and anxiety but did you also know that it can help reduce your dispensing errors?

Research by Havard Health shows that exercise stimulates brain regions that are involved in memory function to release a chemical called brain -derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF rewires memory circuits so they work better. This can help prevent frequent bouts of forgetfulness and improve alertness, memory capacity and brain health.

When you exercise and move around, you are using more brain cells claims Dr John Ratey, author of ‘ The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain’.

Using more brain cells activates your genes to make more BDNF which helps reduce any dispensing errors

Decide today to become a Fit & healthy pharmacist. Exercise frequently and moderately to improve your concentration at work and provide the best customer service and patient care you are destined to provide.

Do not settle for less than you deserve and use this opportunity to take your health to the next level and improve your pharmacy performance

The PharmacyFitnessGuru

2-STEP technique to motivate your pharmacy staff

Motivating our staff as Pharmacist managers or responsible pharmacists is a key challenge. Motivated employees lead to a more productive and enjoyable workforce.

There are several motivational techniques and principles, but let me share with you one quick principle which is very practical and can instantly motivate your employees

Its called the ‘Pain and pleasure principle‘. All of us are driven by pain or pleasure. I know it sounds so simplistic but its true. Everything which you are currently doing in your life right now, every action you take is either to attain some sort of pleasure or avoid some sort of pain.

For example, you may be driven to work daily to gain the pleasure of having money or to avoid the pain of not having it.

Same principle applies to motivating your employees. To motivate them, you need to link as much pleasure to what you want them to do, and as much pain to what you want them to avoid. Find out what’s important to them, what they value most and how they will get more of these by doing what you want them to do.

Here are 2 quick exercises for you

1) Spend time with you employees and find out what they each value personally

2) Link all these values in line with the goals you want them to achieve (e.g recognition, promotion, job satisfaction, pay rise, bonus etc)

Stay Strong

3 quick steps to become a ‘Happy’ Pharmacist

No one cares if you are a miserable pharmacist, so you may as well be happy

Being a happy pharmacist is a state which can be learned. If you are not happy or enjoying your job as a pharmacist, then there are certain things you tell yourself about pharmacy, about your job or your work place which disempower you. There are also certain physiological patterns which make you feel this way

Good news is there are certain things you can do straight away to boost your moral and confidence and to feel happy and become the motivated pharmacist you deserve to be.

Here are 3 quick exercises you can do when ever you feel down about pharmacy

1) Write down a list of several things which are positive about pharmacy (e.g job security, pay, changing lives, flexibility, personal development etc)

2) Write down a list of positive things which you could be thankful for in your life right now (e.g your health, kids, family, friends etc)

3)Write down a list of positive things about each work colleague. Not every work colleague may be good but there is good in every work colleague

Do this now and read everything on your list with excitement and emotional intensity. You will instantly feel motivated and a lot better and radiant than you were before the exercise

And remember; No one cares if you are a miserable pharmacist so you may as well be happy”

Stay Strong

Pharmacist of The Year Award

It’s quite common for most of us to think the best pharmacists have the best pharmacy. But that’s not entirely true. In fact majority of the most efficient pharmacists do not have the best pharmacies.

But what they do have is the ‘ability to make the best in every pharmacy

They do this by applying one key principle

They all focus on providing exceptional customer service

All outstanding pharmacists share a key principle, they all focus on providing exceptional customer service.They go the extra mile for their customers and colleagues. Most nominations and awards are based on this principle. Reena Barai who was voted Britain’s favourite pharmacist last year said ‘The GPhc want to know stories from when you’ve gone that extra mile for customers’.

If you want to be an outstanding pharmacist, then start by developing an exceptional passion for customer service. Go the extra mile for your customers

The quality of your success as a pharmacist is in direct proportion to the quality of customer service you provide

Apply this principle in your pharmacy NOW! and become the best pharmacist you can be

Stay Motivated

The Pharmacy Guru

The Secret to Getting What You Want As a Pharmacist

We all have many goals as pharmacists. We want to improve our customer service, grow our pharmacy, increase our business profits, achieve our company targets, gain respect and admiration from our staff, other healthcare professionals etc….

But there is one secret principle which, if you apply as a pharmacist, you will have no difficulty achieving what ever you want.

The secret to getting what ever you want as a pharmacists is to

help as many people as possible (e.g patients, colleagues, other healthcare professionals etc) to get what they want

If you help as many people get what they want, you’ll automatically get what you want.

It is a very simple and practical principle but if you apply it you’ll notice an immense difference and the flood gates will open to achieving your own needs quickly.

Apply this principle to your pharmacy NOW!

6 SECRETS of Highly Successful Pharmacists

Thanks for taking time out to read this article. I respect you for being for being focused on your personal development. As a pharmacist, you are born with an ability to improve the quality of people’s lives and i congratulate you for not wasting it.

I’ve made this article very short and concise, so that you get the best out of it. These habits which you are about to read have been modeled from the very best pharmacists in the field.

Successful pharmacists are not born successful, they have developed certain habits which have propelled them to success. The good news is, you too can learn these habits and empower yourself to be the best you can be.

By applying these secrets, you’ll revolutionize your pharmacy, your staff and the quality of your life. You’ll transform your productivity, accelerate your success and inspire positive changes within your team.

Here are the 6 secrets of highly successful pharmacists

1) Love for People

The quality of your success as a pharmacist is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationship with people (your patients, staff, other healthcare professionals etc). Successful pharmacists have a strong affection and motivation towards people. They firmly believe people are their greatest resource. They invest a lot of time building their network of friends. They are very active members of social networks and groups and attend several networking events. Decide today to connect and expand your network of friends. Build relationships with your staff, your patients, customers and other health care professionals. Become an active member in a group or several social/professional groups

2) Great communicators

Successful pharmacists are great communicators. They have mastered the art of successful communication and this gives them charisma. People love to listen to them, their staff understand them and are driven by their vision. They know how to build rapport with different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Learn to improve your communication skills. Use your body language more, expand your vocabulary and improve your tone. Communicate clearly and effectively. Learn several communication techniques and most importantly build rapport with everyone you come across.

3) Organised

Successful pharmacists know how to prioritise their work load. They focus on what’s important. Every day begins with a focus, a plan, a to do list. They avoid time wasters and never let things that matter most be at the mercy of things that matter least. They don’t burn out because they focus more on completing important tasks before they become urgent. Get a diary, a planner, etc. Spend a few minutes at the start of your day making a task list and rating each tasks in order of importance. Read several books on organisation and effective time management skills

4) Passion for pharmacy

Successful pharmacists have an immense passion for pharmacy. They love what they do. They are passionate about pharmacy. They are driven by adding value. They spend most of their time and energy developing their knowledge, reading pharmacy articles, pharmacy updates, bulletins, news etc. Their knowledge is up to date. They love pharmacy and enjoy being pharmacists .

Develop a passion for pharmacy, look outside of your four walls. Read different pharmacy articles, get involved in various pharmacy projects, learn new pharmacy skills and qualifications, attend pharmacy conferences and seminars. Make pharmacy fun and get out of the dispensary more and into the community. Get active and you’ll discover a new passion for pharmacy

5) Stay Fit & Healthy

Successful pharmacists value their health. They understand the importance of being fit and healthy to achieve their goals. They exercise and stay healthy as this gives them the fuel for optimum performance. Exercising and staying healthy energises them, rejuvenates them and empowers them to increase their productivity daily.

Decide now to sign up in a gym or join an exercise class or incorporate some kind of physical activity in your life. You are what you eat. Make smart food choices. Eat healthy and choose foods which energise and revitalise you.

6) Play Play Play

Successful pharmacists make time to relax and enjoy social activities. They know when it is time to switch off from pharmacy. They appreciate the value of having various hobbies and fun outside work. They make time for friends and family. They value a work/life balance. Socialising and taking time off work recharges them and gives them a true sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Take time to relax and play. Spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Value them as they are your safety net to an enriched and fulfilling life. Switch off work and develop new hobbies and networks outside pharmacy

Thanks for reading this article and I wish you all the best on your journey of becoming a very successful pharmacist.

I will appreciate if you could kindly leave your feedback about the article

Kind regards,

Pharmacy Guru

Helpful Holiday & Travel Tips

Press Release

July 2015

Get Prepared With These Helpful Holiday & Travel Tips!

The last thing anyone wants on their summer holiday is to get ill. It may not seem important at the time, but having a quick chat with your Pharmacist before you go on holiday can help avoid some of the most common illnesses that can spoil your holiday. Marvin Munzu, Pharmacy Manager at Priory Fields Pharmacy, shares some tips on how to stay healthy during your summer holiday.

Stomach bugs:

People often suffer with diarrhoea and sickness on holiday because they have consumed contaminated food or water.

Take re-hydration sachets and anti-diarrhoea tablets with you in your first aid kit. Visit your local Pharmacy for advice.

Deep Vein Thrombosis:

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) happens when a blood clot forms in one of the body’s deep veins and tends to happen when a person has been inactive for a period of time as blood collects in the lower parts of the body, particularly in the lower legs.

Every year, DVT affects one in every 1,000 people in the UK but you can reduce your chances of getting it during a long journey by walking around or moving your legs regularly, drinking plenty of water and wearing loose clothing.

If you’re worried about DVT, ask your Pharmacist about compression socks.

Planning ahead:

If you take a regular medicines, make sure you have enough for your holiday. If you do run out of your medicine while you’re on holiday in the UK or you lose your medicine, go to a Pharmacy as they may be able to sell you an emergency supply.

If you take a medicine for a long term condition, ask your local Pharmacy about Repeat Dispensing. This is a free service which can help save you time. Remember to plan ahead.

Over the counter medicines:

When you’re on holiday abroad, you may notice that medicines look different to how they do back home. This is because medicines have a generic name, which is the active ingredient of the medicine, and they have a brand name, which is the trade name the manufacturer gives to the medicine. If you cannot find your normal brand in the Pharmacy while you’re on holiday, don’t worry, the Pharmacist should be able to find you something that contains the same active ingredient.

Call in to your local Pharmacy and stock up on essentials like anti-sickness remedies, plasters and painkillers before you go on holiday. Your Pharmacist can give you more advice.

Travel sickness:

Your Pharmacist can give you advice on available remedies as well as more tips on how to prevent travel sickness.

Alcohol should be avoided while taking travel sickness tablets and the tablets may interact with other medicines you may be taking, so check with us first on the best product for you.


Sunburn is something that you should definitely not have to suffer with on holiday. Before you travel pop in to your local Pharmacy and make sure you have the correct sunscreen for your holiday. It is recommended that an adult wears a sunscreen with a rating of at least SPF15 and for a child, SPF30. The higher the SPF the better. Go for broad-spectrum sunscreens which protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, apply liberally and regularly and avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm.

If you do get sunburn, cover the area immediately to prevent further damage. A cool shower can also help, as can applying after sun and if it continues to itch or peel try a moisturiser or calamine lotion.

Don’t be fooled by a cloudy sky! Just because you cannot see the sun, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be causing damage to the skin.

Don’t forget your Anti-Malarial tablets:

It only takes one bite to become infected with malaria so make sure you take malaria prevention seriously. The type of antimalarial you need will depend where you are going, your medical history, your age and whether you are pregnant. Speak to your Pharmacist for advice.

Unfortunately, no anti-malarial tablets and travel vaccines are 100% effective so it is essential to use other bite-avoidance precautions such as mosquito nets and skin repellents.

To find out more about Priory Fields Pharmacy’s services,, follow us on Twitter @prioryfldspharm, find us on Facebook or call in and speak to us at Priory Fields Pharmacy, Priory Fields Surgery, Nursery Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 3RL. Telephone 01480 411009.


For further information on this story, or to arrange an interview with Priory Fields Pharmacy, please contact Joanna Murray at Community Pharmacies’ head office,, tel. 0845 034 1414.