Do healthcare professionals look healthy?

Are you a healthcare professional?

I admire you, i respect you because of the hard work and positive contribution you make to society. The world is a better place because of you. Imagine if all the healthcare services e.g hospitals, pharmacies, dentists etc closed for a day. This shows you how important you are and the service you provide

You preach healthy living to your clients daily, you provide them with incredible advice.

But i have an ultimate question for you. Do you practice what you preach?

Its time to genuinely put yourself under the microscope and see how your clients perceive you.

Put yourself in your clients shoes by honestly answering these questions

  • Would you go to an obese person for dieting advice?
  • Would you get advice on exercising from someone who does not exercise?
  • Would you go to a smoker for stop smoking advice?
  • Would you go to an alcoholic or binge drinker for alcohol advice?
  • Would you go to a person with yellow, decayed teeth and bad breath for oral advice?

If you put away your healthcare badge or uniform and walked down the high street, would you still be perceived as a healthy person?

Providing healthy advice is equally as important as looking and being healthy. No one teaches us this at school. The focus is on providing the advice rather than alsoliving the advice

If you want to boost your image as a healthcare professional, grow your business, increase your customers and gain the admiration and respect you deserve, then i challenge you to do the following

  • sign up at the gym,
  • lose that excess weight,
  • quit smoking,
  • drink healthy,
  • floss, brush and whiten those teeth.

​By making a commitment today to practice what you preach, you are committing to transform all areas of your life in a very positive direction with unlimited rewards


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