How pharmacists can save you time & money

Pharmacy is the 3rd largest healthcare profession in the UK next to Doctors and Nurses. Unfortunately majority of the the general population do not know exactly what pharmacists do

Did you know that by going to see your local pharmacists for minor ailments you could save the NHS up to £1.1.billion a year and a lot of time and money for yourself too?

Any time to you have a minor ailment and you decide to go see a GP, that cost the NHS approximately £80 per treatment, if you decide to go to A&E, that cost the NHS approximately up to £150 per consultation but if you decide to go visit your local pharmacist, that cost the NHS approximately £30 per consultation

And here is an interesting fact “Regardless of whether you see a doctor or pharmacists for a minor ailment, studies show that the results or treatment outcomes are the same

This means that you will still get the same recommendation for your ailment regardless of where you go.

So why choose a pharmacist rather than a GP or A&E for minor ailments? Here are a few reasons

1) No appointment necessary: You do not need to book an appointment or queue up for hours to see a pharmacist, you can go straight in and be seen saving you a lot of time

2) Quick and easy access: Studies show that everyone in the UK can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes, even those living in the most remote areas.

3) Saving you lots of money: There are several medications that are a lot cheaper to buy from a pharmacy over the counter than through a prescription. For example, a prescription for chlorphenamine (30) tablets will cost £8.20 on a prescription and approximately £3.50 if you buy directly from a pharmacy. Pharmacists can also offer you several ways in which you can save money on prescriptions and hundreds of pounds, for example using a prepayment certificate.

3) Opening hours: Most pharmacies are open long hours and some from 7am -midnight. This means you can still go to a pharmacy after work if you finish late and at weekends, giving you a lot of flexibility and good access through out the day

4) Professional advice: Did you know that pharmacists are very qualified and in most cases more knowledgeable on medications than doctors? It takes SIX years on average to train as a doctor, FIVE years as a pharmacist and FOUR years as a nurse. So pharmacists are equally as trained and are medicine experts

When next you have a minor ailment, think of your local pharmacy as your first port of call before visiting your GPs or urgent care because it could potentially save you lots of time and money.

Marvin Munzu

Manager and Superintendent at Priory Fields Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Guru “SAVING YOU TIME & MONEY”

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