How to lOSE weight FAST without dieting or exercising? (Discover the ‘miracle’ weight loss pill)

Would you like to lose weight fast without the hassle of exercising and dieting? Would you like to discover a ‘miracle pill‘ which is easily accessible and can burn up to 7 kilos (approx.15 pounds) without side effects?

You are not alone. Many of us have been searching for a ‘miracle’ weight loss pill.

Sarah Houston a medical student from Leeds university, Selena Walrond from Croydon, Sean Cleathero a bodybuilder from High Wycombe, Sarmad Alladin a fitness student from Farnham and Eloise Parry were all as keen to discover and use this miracle weight loss pill

The good news is, after searching, they all found this ‘miracle’ pill on the internet calledDNP (Dinitrophenol). The devastating news is, a few hours after taking the pill, they all suffered serious casualties, exploded internally and died.

There is ‘No such thing‘ as a miracle weight loss pill as mentioned in the title of this article. These are the deceitful strategies used by illegitimate websites to attract potential clients.

This article is to protect and save you from falling prey to these illegal websites. Last year the UK authorities closed down about 1,600 websites most of the products were out of date, fake or contained very toxic active ingredients including arsenic and rat poison

So how do you differentiate between legitimate websites and illegitimate ones? How do you safeguard yourself from these dangerous sites?

Here are 3 quick tips to protect you from illegal drug sales online

1) Every legal online pharmacy in the UK is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (Gphc). You can recognise these websites through a green Gphc internet logo with a 7 digit registeration number. Clicking on this logo will direct you instantly to the Gphc website to verify the registeration status of the pharmacy. Do not buy from any online pharmacies which do not have these logos

2) Every legitimate online pharmacy should also have a physical  ‘brick and mortar‘ pharmacy from where medications are dispensed. Make sure you call or visit the pharmacy, speak to the pharmacist and verify their registeration

3) Always have a consultation with a healthcare professional before taking any prescription drugs and do not take or buy any prescription drugs without a valid prescription

Applying these quick tips will protect and prevent you from falling prey to illegal online drug sites which put your health and life at risk.

This article has cited UK references but this is a global problem and the same principles and tips can be applied by anyone outside the UK. Share this information or article with anyone who may be at risk of buying prescription drugs online. There is no such thing as a ‘miracle’ weight loss pill. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. Be vigilant

For more information, you can listen to my ‘BBC interview‘ on my face book page on this topic


Marvin Munzu

Pharmacy manager & superintendent (Prioryfields pharmacy)

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