Is your weight affecting your health or confidence?

Is your weight affecting your health or confidence? Do you want to lose weight fast for an event or occasion?

Look no further.

Many of us are aware that pharmacists are medicine experts, but did you know that many pharmacists are also weight management experts?

If you are serious about losing weight quickly and safely, then choose a clinically researched programme which is endorsed by healthcare professionals (e.g doctors, pharmacists & nurses).

The Lipotrim Pharmacy Programme was used successfully by GP surgeries for 13 years and was finally introduced to pharmacies in the UK in 2000.

What is unique about the programme?

1) It is one of the only medically endorsed weight management programmes in the UK, and supervised by healthcare professionals

2)Unlike many other wieght management programmes, you are screened medically by a healthcare professional to ensure the programme is suitable for you

3) You are reviewed weekly by a pharmacists, the pharmacist takes your measurements, tests your urine for ketones, monitors your progress and motivates you to achieve your goal

4) The lipotrim programme is medically based and you can only obtain products from a participating pharmacy.

5) The results are incredible. Most clients lose on average 1- 3 stone a month and the pharmacist also supports you with a maintenance programme once you achieve your target weight

How does the lipotrim programme work?

  • You’ll have several meal replacement formulas which are highly nutritious and will replace your regular meals. You’ll also be monitored weekly by your pharmacist
  • The pharmacist will measure your progress weekly. The pharmacist will measure your weight, do a urine ketone test to check your compliance and to ensure a good fluid intake and provide you with supplies and encouragement
  • Once you have achieved your target weight, the pharmacist will help you to gradually return to your normal food and keep the weight off permanently

What are the meal replacement formulas and how do i get them?

  • The formulas are medically and scientifically tested and are very low in calories but also nutritionally complete to keep you energised through the day
  • There are different formulas for men and women and the products can only be bought from participating pharmacies. The weekly cost is equivalent to a normal weekly shopping cost or less.
  • You also have a variety of different flavours to choose from (Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry etc)

How much weight will i lose and how fast?

  • Most people are amazed by how quick and fast they see results. On average, women on the programme lose between 1 – 2 stones a month and men 1.5 -3 stones a month and more when combined with exercise
  • Once you have reached your target weight, your pharmacist will help you with a maintenance programme and you can gradually return to eating normal food again without putting the weight back on.

Are there any challenges with the programme?

  • A few clients have complained of tiredness and headaches within the first few days of starting the programme, but this is normal as your body is adapting. After the first 3-4 days you’ll feel energised and stable again as your body fully adapts to the programme
  • A few people have complained of bad breath.This again is normal since you are only consuming formulas and most people have resolved this issue easily by keeping themselves hydrated through out the day and using a breath freshener e,g breath mint, mouth wash etc.

How do i start the programme?

You can only buy products from a participating pharmacy as products are restricted to pharmacy premises and are not sold to the general public.

Visit the lipotrim website below and locate a participating pharmacy near you. You can also watch a DVD on the programme and read a number of client reviews/feedback

All the best on your weight loss journey

Marvin Munzu

Manager & Superintendent pharmacist (Priory Fields Pharmacy)


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