Pharmacist of The Year Award

It’s quite common for most of us to think the best pharmacists have the best pharmacy. But that’s not entirely true. In fact majority of the most efficient pharmacists do not have the best pharmacies.

But what they do have is the ‘ability to make the best in every pharmacy

They do this by applying one key principle

They all focus on providing exceptional customer service

All outstanding pharmacists share a key principle, they all focus on providing exceptional customer service.They go the extra mile for their customers and colleagues. Most nominations and awards are based on this principle. Reena Barai who was voted Britain’s favourite pharmacist last year said ‘The GPhc want to know stories from when you’ve gone that extra mile for customers’.

If you want to be an outstanding pharmacist, then start by developing an exceptional passion for customer service. Go the extra mile for your customers

The quality of your success as a pharmacist is in direct proportion to the quality of customer service you provide

Apply this principle in your pharmacy NOW! and become the best pharmacist you can be

Stay Motivated

The Pharmacy Guru

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