How Exercising Reduces Pharmacy Dispensing Errors


We all know the countless benefits of exercising but did you also know exercising and fitness can reduce your number of dispensing errors drastically?

We are all familiar with the Elizabeth Lee story who dispensed Propranolol instead of Prednisolone to an elderly patient leading to her death. Dispensing errors are on a rise in pharmacies with the NPSA receiving more cases than ever

It is imperative for all pharmacists to be very alert and safeguard themselves from being the next prosecution story.

Patients are more cautious and make more claims against pharmacists than before. The need to decriminalise dispensing errors in pharmacy is a hot topic as well as reporting dispensing errors.

As a pharmacist or pharmacy manager, you are responsible for ensuring all safety measures are in place to prevent errors in your pharmacy

We all know exercising helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and weight, improves energy, lifts mood, lowers stress and anxiety but did you also know that it can help reduce your dispensing errors?

Research by Havard Health shows that exercise stimulates brain regions that are involved in memory function to release a chemical called brain -derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF rewires memory circuits so they work better. This can help prevent frequent bouts of forgetfulness and improve alertness, memory capacity and brain health.

When you exercise and move around, you are using more brain cells claims Dr John Ratey, author of ‘ The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain’.

Using more brain cells activates your genes to make more BDNF which helps reduce any dispensing errors

Decide today to become a Fit & healthy pharmacist. Exercise frequently and moderately to improve your concentration at work and provide the best customer service and patient care you are destined to provide.

Do not settle for less than you deserve and use this opportunity to take your health to the next level and improve your pharmacy performance

The PharmacyFitnessGuru

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