Ask the Pharmacist: Exercise tips for your Heart

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We all know the benefits exercise has on our hearts. But here are a few exercise tips your heart will love. Tips which will ignite your internal power house and fire your health to the top

1) Exercise regularly

Studies show that doing moderate exercises (e.g brisk walking, swimming, running) for just 30 mins a day, five days a week can significantly boost your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases

2) Consult your doctor

If you have any medical condition such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, you should always consult a doctor first before beginning any sort of exercise regimen.

3) Choose the right type and right intensity

Not all types of exercises may be suitable for you especially if you have any heart disease. Ignore the high intensity exercises such as push ups, heavy lifting, sit ups and go for less intense ones such as walking, swimming and light jogging. Perform these exercises at a moderate intensity

4) Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated all the time, drink lots of water even when you don’t feel thirsty whilst exercising

5) Pace Yourself

Maintain a steady pace when exercising, and rest between workouts to recuperate

6) Avoid extreme weather conditions

Avoid exercising in extreme weather conditions. Do not exercise outdoors if its too hot, too cold or very humid as these could trigger shortness of breath and chest pain

7) Pull your emergency trigger

Always be prepared for any emergencies and recognise the signs. Stop exercising and consult your doctor immediately if you are feeling dizzy, short of breath or experiencing chest pain

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