5 Things every Pharmacist must do on a Monday to have a productive week

Dear pharmacist, the start of your week will determine your productivity and success for the week.

A successful week begins with a commitment to make the week successful. It starts with a mental preparation and then a physical realisation.

So let’s not waste anymore of your precious time and go straight into the 5 key things you must absolutely do today to ensure a successful week

1) Charge your mental state

Start today with positive thoughts. A determination and mental commitment to make your week successful.

  • Write down 2-3 top work goals to achieve this week (NMS, MURS, new patient sign ups, CPDs etc)
  • Write down 2-3 personal goals to achieve this week
  • Commit to staying positive and productive this week regardless of any obstacles

2) Have a quick 2-minute huddle with your staff

Your staff or work colleagues are key to making your week successful. Have a quick update meeting with your staff and set their goals for the week. Motivate them and spread your positive energy and enthusiasm to them. Spend time with them and encourage them

3) Eat healthy & exercise

Plan and prepare your meals in advance to avoid snacking. Decide to eat healthy this week, eat foods that empower and boost your energy. Also drink more water than teas or coffees and make some time to exercise and rejuvenate your body and mind

4) Plan some fun activities

Plan a few fun after work activities for the week (socialise, watch a movie or go to the cinema, read an interesting book or article, go to a restaurant, hobbies  etc)

5) Review

Review your week at the end, notice what worked successsfully, what goals you achieved and what did not work and make an effort to improve for the following week

Wishing you a productive and successful week.

Happy monday


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