Do healthcare professionals look healthy?

Are you a healthcare professional?

I admire you, i respect you because of the hard work and positive contribution you make to society. The world is a better place because of you. Imagine if all the healthcare services e.g hospitals, pharmacies, dentists etc closed for a day. This shows you how important you are and the service you provide

You preach healthy living to your clients daily, you provide them with incredible advice.

But i have an ultimate question for you. Do you practice what you preach?

Its time to genuinely put yourself under the microscope and see how your clients perceive you.

Put yourself in your clients shoes by honestly answering these questions

  • Would you go to an obese person for dieting advice?
  • Would you get advice on exercising from someone who does not exercise?
  • Would you go to a smoker for stop smoking advice?
  • Would you go to an alcoholic or binge drinker for alcohol advice?
  • Would you go to a person with yellow, decayed teeth and bad breath for oral advice?

If you put away your healthcare badge or uniform and walked down the high street, would you still be perceived as a healthy person?

Providing healthy advice is equally as important as looking and being healthy. No one teaches us this at school. The focus is on providing the advice rather than alsoliving the advice

If you want to boost your image as a healthcare professional, grow your business, increase your customers and gain the admiration and respect you deserve, then i challenge you to do the following

  • sign up at the gym,
  • lose that excess weight,
  • quit smoking,
  • drink healthy,
  • floss, brush and whiten those teeth.

​By making a commitment today to practice what you preach, you are committing to transform all areas of your life in a very positive direction with unlimited rewards


How to lOSE weight FAST without dieting or exercising? (Discover the ‘miracle’ weight loss pill)

Would you like to lose weight fast without the hassle of exercising and dieting? Would you like to discover a ‘miracle pill‘ which is easily accessible and can burn up to 7 kilos (approx.15 pounds) without side effects?

You are not alone. Many of us have been searching for a ‘miracle’ weight loss pill.

Sarah Houston a medical student from Leeds university, Selena Walrond from Croydon, Sean Cleathero a bodybuilder from High Wycombe, Sarmad Alladin a fitness student from Farnham and Eloise Parry were all as keen to discover and use this miracle weight loss pill

The good news is, after searching, they all found this ‘miracle’ pill on the internet calledDNP (Dinitrophenol). The devastating news is, a few hours after taking the pill, they all suffered serious casualties, exploded internally and died.

There is ‘No such thing‘ as a miracle weight loss pill as mentioned in the title of this article. These are the deceitful strategies used by illegitimate websites to attract potential clients.

This article is to protect and save you from falling prey to these illegal websites. Last year the UK authorities closed down about 1,600 websites most of the products were out of date, fake or contained very toxic active ingredients including arsenic and rat poison

So how do you differentiate between legitimate websites and illegitimate ones? How do you safeguard yourself from these dangerous sites?

Here are 3 quick tips to protect you from illegal drug sales online

1) Every legal online pharmacy in the UK is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (Gphc). You can recognise these websites through a green Gphc internet logo with a 7 digit registeration number. Clicking on this logo will direct you instantly to the Gphc website to verify the registeration status of the pharmacy. Do not buy from any online pharmacies which do not have these logos

2) Every legitimate online pharmacy should also have a physical  ‘brick and mortar‘ pharmacy from where medications are dispensed. Make sure you call or visit the pharmacy, speak to the pharmacist and verify their registeration

3) Always have a consultation with a healthcare professional before taking any prescription drugs and do not take or buy any prescription drugs without a valid prescription

Applying these quick tips will protect and prevent you from falling prey to illegal online drug sites which put your health and life at risk.

This article has cited UK references but this is a global problem and the same principles and tips can be applied by anyone outside the UK. Share this information or article with anyone who may be at risk of buying prescription drugs online. There is no such thing as a ‘miracle’ weight loss pill. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. Be vigilant

For more information, you can listen to my ‘BBC interview‘ on my face book page on this topic


Marvin Munzu

Pharmacy manager & superintendent (Prioryfields pharmacy)

6 Lifestyle Tips for a flatter and healthier tummy

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked ‘how do i get rid of this tummy?‘ Most of us have at some point. Well, I’ve got good news for you. This article will give you a few lifestyle tips which can help you get a healthier and flatter tummy in weeks

1) Ditch ‘coffee’

Most of us enjoy several cups of coffee, tea or energy drinks daily, but did you know that caffeine is one of the causes of indigestion and bloating? Substituting caffeine drinks for more natural or de-caffeinated options could transformed your tummy in days

2) Work’ it’

Being overweight or obese adds tremendous pressure on your stomach and can cause a lot of indigestion and reflux. Exercising frequently can help you burn those calories and flatten your tummy

3) Bin the ‘late meals’

Eating late at night especially just before going to bed can leave you feeling bloated and suffer from acid reflux. Avoid spicy and fatty foods especially late at night. If you eat your last meal of the day about 3-4 hours before going to bed, you could see a massive improvement in your tummy

4) Quit smoking

Smoking is a key trigger for indigestion. The chemicals in cigarettes relax your stomach and gut muscles, allowing acid to flow into your throat causing heart burn, abdominal pain and indigestion.

5) Give up the ‘Booze”

Too much alcohol can cause bloating, especially beers and lagers. Where do you think the phrase ‘beer belly‘ comes from? If you replace alcoholic drinks with non-acoholic drinks, you could experience one of the fastest belly transformations

6) Stop eating ‘on the go’

Stress, anxiety and eating meals very quickly have a very negative effect on our digestive systems. Eat your meals slowly and relax so that they digest properly. If you do this, you won’t feel bloated and will be on track to a healthy and improved tummy

I hope these simple lifestyle tips help you flatten your tummy and regain a healthy and efficient digestive system

Marvin Munzu

Pharmacy manager & superintendent

Priory fields pharmacy

PHARMACY GURU (Saving you time & money)

Do you suffer from Hayfever?

Do you suffer from hay fever? You are not alone. Hayfever affects one in four people in the UK. For most of us, hay fever could be mild or severe. It can be uncomfortable and difficult with frequent sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and itchy throat.

By learning to control your hay fever effectively, you can reduce the risk of you developing asthma

Hay fever is caused mainly by grass and tree pollen. When pollen come into contact with cells in your mouth, eyes or nose, they irritate the lining, causing an allergic reaction

So how can you prevent it? Here are a few tips to help you beat hay fever this season

Stay indoors at these times

There are certain times of the day when pollen count is high, stay indoors at these times. Usually when the air is warming up between 8-10am and when it’s cooling down between 5-7pm. You can also check from weather forecasts what the pollen count of the day will be to help you prepare in advance

Close your windows

Leave your windows open at night when pollen count is low but close them in the morning when you wake up. Wind up car windows when driving

Wash your hair, clothes & beddings

Pollen can normally stick to your hair or clothes especially if you’ve been walking. Wash your hair and clothes when you return home to get rid of any sticky pollen. Do the same if you have kids, as most kids love playing out doors especially at nursery.

Get someone else to mow your lawn

If you suffer from hay fever, then avoid mowing your lawn or gardening especially at high pollen times. Get someone else to help you

Vacuum vacuum vacumm

Vacuum regularly especially carpets as pollen can be trapped in them. Also dust with a damp cloth or microfibre cloth to get rid of pollen on surfaces.

Smear your nose

use some petroleum jelly such as vaseline or any other nasal balms to smear the linings of your nose. This will prevent pollen sticking to the linings

Medication options

If all the above lifestyle measures don’t help, then go to your nearest pharmacy for some medication.

There are several hay fever medications sold at pharmacies. The main treatments areanti-histamines. There are both drowsy and non-drowsy options. Avoid drowsy options if you drive or operate any machinery. Also check with your pharmacists if you are taking any other medication

Antihistamines are very effective for most symptoms of hay fever, but not as effective for nasal symptoms. Steroid nasal sprays are more effective for nasal symptoms such as runny or blocked nose as they reduce inflammation of the airways.

Timing is also very important. Make sure you take antihistamines early enough as soon as symptoms start or before. Nasal sprays need to be taken at least two weeks before symptoms begin so that the medication is in your system already. For example, grass pollen is usually high between May and August, so you can start taking a steroid nasal spray in April.

I hope this information helps you in preventing hayfever this season. Remember to always consult your doctor if your symptoms do not improve or worsen

Marvin Munzu

Manager & Superintendent pharmacist (Priory Fields Pharmacy)

How to treat headaches quickly

Do you sometimes suffer from headaches? Will you like to know how to get rid of your headache quickly?

More than 10 million people in the UK suffer from headaches. There are different types of headaches, but for simplicity, this article will focus on tension and migraineheadaches.

Do you know the difference between a tension headache and a migraine? Most of us do not. But why is it important to know the difference? Knowing the difference will empower you to choose the most appropriate treatment.

How do i differentiate a migraine from a tension headache?

There are many clinical ways, but let’s not get into all the clinical stuff. Let me give you very quick ways to differentiate them.

Tension headaches are more common and less severe. The pain feels like a band around your head. You can also carry on performing your daily activities despite the pain. It also last for a few minutes to hours.

Migraines on the other hand are more severe. They usually occur on one side of your head. Could be your forehead, or left or right side. Its a throbbing pain. Most people are not able to perform daily activities and spend most time in bed. Migraines also sometimes have associated symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light, sounds and certain smells. They could last for minutes to days.

What causes the headaches?

Again lets not get too scientific. Put it simply, most common headaches are caused by lifestyle and hormonal changes. You can prevent and resolve most of them through simple lifestyle adjustments

So how can you manage them effectively?

The first step is to focus on actually preventing rather than treating them

  • Drink lots lots lots of water daily and stay hydrated
  • Establish good regular sleep patterns
  • Perform light exercise daily
  • Eat healthy and avoid junk
  • Relax ,relax and relax
  • Avoid staring at computer screens too long
  • Maintain good posture to reduce tension on your shoulders and neck

If you fail to prevent the headache with the above lifestyle suggestions, then head to your local pharmacy and get the following medicines to get rid of the headache.

It’s crucial that you take some medication as soon as the headache starts. Leaving this too long may make the head ache worse. Timing is very essential

What OTC (over the counter) medications can help quickly?

Research shows that paracetamol and Ibuprofen are the safest and most effective first lines for headaches.

To get quicker results, go for Nurofen Express. These act a lot quicker than normal ibuprofen tablets, are easily absorbed into the body and can start producing relief within 10 minutes. As with any medications, ensure it’s safe for you to take them first.

You could also go for effervescent paracetamol tablets for a quicker action rather than normal paracetamol tablets as effervescent tablets are also absorbed quicker into the blood stream than normal tablets. Main caution is they also contain a lot of sodium, so be careful if you are taking blood pressure tablets or on a sodium restrictive diet.

Another thing you must be careful about is taking too many painkillers as they can cause overuse headaches

There are a range of other causes of headaches and also a range of other headache tablets. What i have given you are the cheapest, safest and first line tablets so you can make a quick and informed decision if needed.

Remember to speak to your local doctor or pharmacist if your headache persists

Marvin Munzu

Manager & superintendent pharmacist at Priory Fields Pharmacy


Is your weight affecting your health or confidence?

Is your weight affecting your health or confidence? Do you want to lose weight fast for an event or occasion?

Look no further.

Many of us are aware that pharmacists are medicine experts, but did you know that many pharmacists are also weight management experts?

If you are serious about losing weight quickly and safely, then choose a clinically researched programme which is endorsed by healthcare professionals (e.g doctors, pharmacists & nurses).

The Lipotrim Pharmacy Programme was used successfully by GP surgeries for 13 years and was finally introduced to pharmacies in the UK in 2000.

What is unique about the programme?

1) It is one of the only medically endorsed weight management programmes in the UK, and supervised by healthcare professionals

2)Unlike many other wieght management programmes, you are screened medically by a healthcare professional to ensure the programme is suitable for you

3) You are reviewed weekly by a pharmacists, the pharmacist takes your measurements, tests your urine for ketones, monitors your progress and motivates you to achieve your goal

4) The lipotrim programme is medically based and you can only obtain products from a participating pharmacy.

5) The results are incredible. Most clients lose on average 1- 3 stone a month and the pharmacist also supports you with a maintenance programme once you achieve your target weight

How does the lipotrim programme work?

  • You’ll have several meal replacement formulas which are highly nutritious and will replace your regular meals. You’ll also be monitored weekly by your pharmacist
  • The pharmacist will measure your progress weekly. The pharmacist will measure your weight, do a urine ketone test to check your compliance and to ensure a good fluid intake and provide you with supplies and encouragement
  • Once you have achieved your target weight, the pharmacist will help you to gradually return to your normal food and keep the weight off permanently

What are the meal replacement formulas and how do i get them?

  • The formulas are medically and scientifically tested and are very low in calories but also nutritionally complete to keep you energised through the day
  • There are different formulas for men and women and the products can only be bought from participating pharmacies. The weekly cost is equivalent to a normal weekly shopping cost or less.
  • You also have a variety of different flavours to choose from (Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry etc)

How much weight will i lose and how fast?

  • Most people are amazed by how quick and fast they see results. On average, women on the programme lose between 1 – 2 stones a month and men 1.5 -3 stones a month and more when combined with exercise
  • Once you have reached your target weight, your pharmacist will help you with a maintenance programme and you can gradually return to eating normal food again without putting the weight back on.

Are there any challenges with the programme?

  • A few clients have complained of tiredness and headaches within the first few days of starting the programme, but this is normal as your body is adapting. After the first 3-4 days you’ll feel energised and stable again as your body fully adapts to the programme
  • A few people have complained of bad breath.This again is normal since you are only consuming formulas and most people have resolved this issue easily by keeping themselves hydrated through out the day and using a breath freshener e,g breath mint, mouth wash etc.

How do i start the programme?

You can only buy products from a participating pharmacy as products are restricted to pharmacy premises and are not sold to the general public.

Visit the lipotrim website below and locate a participating pharmacy near you. You can also watch a DVD on the programme and read a number of client reviews/feedback

All the best on your weight loss journey

Marvin Munzu

Manager & Superintendent pharmacist (Priory Fields Pharmacy)


How you can save lots of money at your local Pharmacy

A  mum of three from cheshire was on five prescription items last year. She spent a total of £483 on her medication last year and struggled financially. She visited her local pharmacist who advised her to invest  in a prepayment certificate.

She now only pays £104 annually to cover all her prescription costs and will save over£300 each year.

TIPS on how to save money  at your local pharmacy

1)Invest in a Prepayment Certificate

The prescription charge rises each year in the UK and is currently £8.20 per item. This is quite expensive when you are taking several medications

If you take more than one prescription item a month, then speak to your local pharmacist about getting a prepayment certificate. You could make potential savings by paying for your medications in advance

You can either invest in  a three month certificate at £29.10 or a full year at £104. Once you have these certificates, you can use them to claim for all prescription costs within that period.


2)Check if a medication is cheaper on prescription or over the counter

You can save yourself a lot of money by always checking with your pharmacist first whether a medication is cheaper to buy over the counter or on a prescription. For example; Glucosamine sulphate costs £8.20 on a prescription but only £1.99 over the counter.

3)Shop around with private prescriptions

If you have a private prescription, shop around different pharmacies first before deciding where to get it dispensed. Although NHS prescriptions have a fixed price of £8.20, private prescription prices vary and are set by the individual pharmacies. For example; Lloyds pharmacy sells Malarone (16 tabs)(anti malaria) tablets for around£58 while Superdrug pharmacy sells same drug for approximately  £37.

4)Always compare brands against generics

All branded medicines have the same active ingredient as generic versions of the same drug. Studies show that  there is very little or no difference in efficacy. However, there is sometimes a massive difference in cost.  By buying a generic version of a branded drug, you can maximise savings and simultaneously  benefit by gaining the same effect. For example; Piriteze (30 tabs)  cost roughly £8.99 in Boots pharmacy but the generic version  ‘Hayfever and Allergy Relief’ (cetirizine) 30s cost £2 at Asda pharmacy saving you about £6.99 instantly.


5)Emergency Hormonal Service (Contraception)

The ‘morning after pill’ (emergency contraception) is quite pricey and costs within the range of  £25-£30. However, if you meet the criteria, you can get it free from certain pharmacies which are commissioned to provide the service. Always ask your local pharmacist first if the provide the service before purchasing the pill as you could potentially save yourself up to £30


6)The Minor Ailment Service

If you are exempt from paying prescription charges, then you can get certain drugs to treat certain minor ailments at your local pharmacy for free.  Several pharmacies offer a minor ailment service and you can make huge savings by taking advantage of this service. For example; Hedrin Lotion (head lice treatment) 150ml bottle, cost about £11.84p over the counter but it free on the minor ailment service saving you money.


7)Stop Smoking Service

Do you smoke and want to quit smoking? You can save lots of money by visiting your local pharmacy. Many pharmacies offer a free stop smoking service. You could either get the stop smoking products for free or still at a cheaper price. For example; ( Nicorette QuickMist 1mg mouthspray, 150 sprays) cost approximately £18over the counter, but you can get it for free on a pharmacy stop smoking service or at a prescription fee of £8.20 which are significantly more cost effective.

8)Check if you fall under any of these prescription exemption categories

Certain groups of people (mentioned below)  are exempt from paying NHS prescription charges. Always check whether you are exempt before paying for medication as this could save you money.

The following people are exempt from paying prescription charges;

  • Age exempt (under 16years and above 60 years)
  • Full time students aged (16,17 or 18)
  • Patients with a valid maternity exemption certificate
  • Patients with a valid medical exemption certificate
  • Patients with a valid prepayment certificate
  • Patients named on a HC2 charge certificate
  • Patient/partner with a valid NHS tax exemption certificate
  • Patients on income support , job seekers, ESA, pension or war certificate


There are still many different ways pharmacists can save you money. When next you visit your local pharmacy, remember to maximise these services and utilise these great opportunities to save you even more money.

How pharmacists can save you time & money

Pharmacy is the 3rd largest healthcare profession in the UK next to Doctors and Nurses. Unfortunately majority of the the general population do not know exactly what pharmacists do

Did you know that by going to see your local pharmacists for minor ailments you could save the NHS up to £1.1.billion a year and a lot of time and money for yourself too?

Any time to you have a minor ailment and you decide to go see a GP, that cost the NHS approximately £80 per treatment, if you decide to go to A&E, that cost the NHS approximately up to £150 per consultation but if you decide to go visit your local pharmacist, that cost the NHS approximately £30 per consultation

And here is an interesting fact “Regardless of whether you see a doctor or pharmacists for a minor ailment, studies show that the results or treatment outcomes are the same

This means that you will still get the same recommendation for your ailment regardless of where you go.

So why choose a pharmacist rather than a GP or A&E for minor ailments? Here are a few reasons

1) No appointment necessary: You do not need to book an appointment or queue up for hours to see a pharmacist, you can go straight in and be seen saving you a lot of time

2) Quick and easy access: Studies show that everyone in the UK can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes, even those living in the most remote areas.

3) Saving you lots of money: There are several medications that are a lot cheaper to buy from a pharmacy over the counter than through a prescription. For example, a prescription for chlorphenamine (30) tablets will cost £8.20 on a prescription and approximately £3.50 if you buy directly from a pharmacy. Pharmacists can also offer you several ways in which you can save money on prescriptions and hundreds of pounds, for example using a prepayment certificate.

3) Opening hours: Most pharmacies are open long hours and some from 7am -midnight. This means you can still go to a pharmacy after work if you finish late and at weekends, giving you a lot of flexibility and good access through out the day

4) Professional advice: Did you know that pharmacists are very qualified and in most cases more knowledgeable on medications than doctors? It takes SIX years on average to train as a doctor, FIVE years as a pharmacist and FOUR years as a nurse. So pharmacists are equally as trained and are medicine experts

When next you have a minor ailment, think of your local pharmacy as your first port of call before visiting your GPs or urgent care because it could potentially save you lots of time and money.

Marvin Munzu

Manager and Superintendent at Priory Fields Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Guru “SAVING YOU TIME & MONEY”