The story of my first graduate job me share with you a little story of my first graduate job experience

I graduated in the summer of 2003 with a Bsc (Hons) degree in Pharmaceutical Management.  It was a pleasant sunny day at the University of Bradford, blue skies, many smiling faces all dressed in beautifully designed black graduation gowns, black polished shoes and shinny, fresh trimmed hair cuts, love
ly make ups and radiant faces as we all walked into the enormous graduation auditorium to receive our well deserved degree certificates.

I was so excited as I walked to the stage to collect my certificate. And as I stood on the stage, I could feel my blood rushing through my veins as the sounds of the claps and cheers in the auditorium got louder. In the distance at the far right was my family and friends screaming so loud you could hear the building shake “congratulations marvin … did it” they screamed.

As I stood on the stage looking down at my family and friends holding my white certificate rolled and tied in a beautiful red ribbon, I felt nothing but a sense of pride and joy, I could see my mum in the far corner, left row, dressed in a colourful red dress and wearing a red hat as tears of joy slowly dropped down her eyes to her cheeks. It was my moment, I felt proud, I felt loved, I felt successful

As I walked out of the auditorium, I was overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses, the massive grin on my face and the million dollar smile, as I posed for pictures with every and anyone.

I had made it. “I am now a graduate” I said. My possibilities are now endless. I could not wait to start applying for jobs and begin life in the real world. Making tons and tons of money finally, working for a prestigious pharmaceutical company like Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Novartis you name it. I was at the top of my mountain and ready to take over the world. I was a pharmaceutical management graduate. I couldn’t wait to land my first pharmaceutical job and make my family and friends proud.

The next day I woke up feeling good and determined. It was Tuesday 15th June 2003 . I Felt very excited to go job hunting as I dressed in front of the mirror. I put on my elegant white shirt, my red silk tie, tailor made black suit, polished black shoes and silver watch and four sprays of Armani code fragrance. I felt like ‘James Bond’. Yeessssss…..

I grabbed my black briefcase with all my paperwork including my degree certificate, my blue student bus pass which still had a month to expiry and I stepped out of my flat and headed to the job agencies.

First stop was Adecco recruitment. I felt confident and excited as I walked up the long stairway to the main office entrance. I buzzed the bell waiting in anticipation.

Then the door opened. Standing in front of me was a gorgeous young lady. Tall,  blue eyes, blonde hair, grey suit and skirt, black high heels with the whitest teeth and most angelic smile I have ever seen
“Come in, I’m Tracy,  how can I help you?’ She said. I just recently graduated and I am looking for work, I replied “Congratulations, come over to my desk and I will register you and get you a job asap”

As I walked to her desk I was greeted by smiles and ‘hi’s from six other colleagues all dressed in suits and looking very professional on the phones to clients.

I went through all my details with Tracy. She was very warm and supportive. She was very impressed with my pharmaceutical management degree and my university experience. ‘The sky is your limit” she said. “I will do my best to match your skills and degree to the best job for you, I will get you into a good pharmaceutical company I promise. Once I get something I will call you, here is my business card, nice meeting you and I will be in touch soon”. She walked me to the door and as I walked down the stairs I was so content and eagerly awaiting her call

As I went back to my bedsit, I laid down on my black leather sofa, I turned on the kettle and made a cup of green tea. I waited impatiently with my mobile phone, jumping up quickly and responding to any phone call.

The day went by with no phone call from Tracy. May be it will be tomorrow, I said,  No phone call and next day, still no phone call.

I had to be patient. The next week my phone started ringing at 9am. “This must be Tracy” i said as I sprinted to my phone. No it wasn’t,  it was a telemarketing call from a call centre in India.
Finally on Thursday at 13:00. My phone started ringing, I rushed to it and it was Adecco calling. ‘Hello’ I said. Hi Marvin it’s Tracy from Adecco how are you today?” Very well thank you, I replied excitedly

“Well I think I have some good news for you. I got you a job in a pharmaceutical company which matches your profile”. Wow really? I said. “Yes it’s a great company and they need you to start tomorrow if you can.” She said.

“Certainly,  where and which company is it?” I replied. “It is a branch of pfizer, but you will need some safety boots, a helmet and a very thick jacket, as it is in a very cold warehouse stacking up shelves” she replied…  I know it’s not what you expected but it’s the best job out there that matches your profile at the moment and a great start for you……………I was shocked and speechless as my jaws dropped to the floor……..Whaaaaaattttt?


For the second part of this story and what i did next, Enter your email address on my website and you’ll receive it automatically in your email.  on 16th October 2015. Don’t miss it.. It’s very exciting.

“WHAT I DID NEXT” on  Friday 16th October 2015

3 thoughts on “The story of my first graduate job

  1. LOL now why do you have to make even your grande seour wait for the next episode…massa ok I give in, here is my email. We have some work to do together my brother, I did not know you were doing this kind of work ‘Skills to Succeed’. Check out our organization C-Life, and lets connect and see what we can do together soon. Our website


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