………I was so shocked, my jaws dropped to the floor

i asked “can you please repeat what you just said again?”. This was not the kind of fairy tale first graduate job i expected. “Do you have any other jobs? may be something office based?” i asked. “Not for now, but i will keep an eye open for you”, she replied
That month i applied for 25 jobs and got 25 rejections. I was devastated. Each job i applied for, i was told i did not have enough skills or there was always another candidate better than me
My mornings were routine, i woke up each day, dragged myself out of bed, freshened up, had breakfast and logged straight into my computer to apply for jobs. My afternoons were spent knocking on doors and dropping my CV door to door
I occasionally had telephone interviews which usually got me very excited and hopeful, but in the end always ended up in dissapointments. With each rejection, my confidence was bruised further and every day my wounds got deeper and deeper.
It was now four months after graduating, four months after one of the most memorable and treasured days of my life and my situation had not improved. I was still unemployed and things were just about to take a turn for the worse
It was a monday morning at 7:00 am, I was fast asleep when i heard a very large knock on my door.It was so loud i could hear my walls shaking. I jumped out of bed in panic, my heart was beating very fast, who could be knocking on my door this early in the morning and so loud? i asked.
I wore my t.shirt and rushed to the door. Who is it? I asked and as i opened the door , guess what i saw?……………………………..

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