3 Important Decisions You Must Make Before & During Your Pre Reg Exam

We are now in the examination month. Time has gone so fast hasn’t it? But the good news is you are now closer to achieving your goal of becoming a pharmacist. All these years of hard work will finally pay off. I want to make this very short because i know your time is so valuable at this stage.
So here’s what i’ve got for you. In this final month leading to your exam, there are 3 key decisions which you must focus on and which will determine whether you succeed or not.  Here are the 3 key decisions you must consciously control to pass
1) Your decision on what to focus on
 If you attended any of my sessions, i did highlight the importance of controlling your focus, because what ever you focus on you experience. What are you focusing on as the exam approaches this month? Are you focusing on what is going on well with your revision or are you focusing on what’s not going well? You must make a conscious decision this month to focus on positive thoughts and what is going on well
2) Your decision on what things mean
As you revise this final month you’ll unconsciously make decisions about what the
 results you are experiencing mean. What does not answering certain questions correctly in your mocks or revision mean? What does getting a few questions wrong mean to you? Does it mean you will fail or does it mean you will still pass regardless?
You must take control of this process and assign the most positive and empowering meaning to the results you are getting.
3) Your decision about what to do now
You decision about what actions to take will determine your ultimate result. So what do you do when you are still not fully confident of passing the exam at this stage? Do you give up or do you persist and stay positive knowing you will be ready on the day and you will pass?
Thanks for reading. I hope this is helpful. The reason i’m sending you these messages these month is because at this stage, the most important aspect of your preparation is your ‘mental preparation’. preparing yourself mentally to pass and to be able to recall all the information you have learnt through out the year
Good luck and i’ll speak to you soon
kind regards,


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