A Few Tips & Advice to Help You Pass Your Pre Reg Exam

How is your revision going for the exam? how are you feeling? I just thought i’d drop you a message to see how you are getting on and hope you all is well. I also thought i’d share with you some advice which could help you succeed in your exam
1) Believe in yourself
Others have done it and you can do it too. You have passed many exams in the past and the mere fact that you have been signed off by your tutor means you are capable and have the necessary skills and knowledge to pass
2) Its normal to be anxious
As the exam draws closer, you may either feel more confident or more nervous. But its normal to be nervous before the exam, or to feel there is still a lot for you to cover. Everyone experiences this and i did to even walking into the exam, but once you start the paper, everything will be fine
3) You don’t need to know everything to pass
You have an allowance to fail certain questions and the exam is not designed to catch you out. Its not designed to make you fail. But it has been designed with an allowance for you to get a number of questions wrong but still pass. So don’t kill yourself or be stressed if there is a topic or calculation you don’t get. Chances are they may not even come up in the exam, and if they do, you can still pass the exam even without answering them or getting them wrong.
Believe in yourself, stay positive.
You will pass

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