How To Revise For Your Pre Reg Exam During Ramadan

Revising whilst fasting is extremely difficult so i have put together these tips for you if you are fasting. If you are not fasting, then please kindly share or forward the mail to a friend of colleague you know who is to support them and help them succeed.
Here are my “3Rs ” steps  to prepare for your pre reg exam whilst fasting
1) Rest
Revising on an empty stomach is extremely challenging as our bodies need nutrients to perform at their best. But don’t be discouraged because there are still many things you can do to improve your revision. The first step will be to schedule your rest times. You will need to fit in rest times, not just randomly but actively schedule them.
2) Revision cards
It is difficult to absorb huge junks of information on an empty stomach. This is when you really want to maximise the use of revision cards or mind maps or any form of summary notes which can create instant links and revision tools. By this time you should have already done the bulk of your reading so use more mind maps and revision cards to optimise your revision during fasting.
3) Rejuvenate
You will have to adjust your revision schedule because of a change in eating times during the fasting period. But it is essential that you get the right nutrients when you can to rejuvenate your body and give it the right fuel to keep you through out the day. So here is my key tip to rejuvenate your body. keep your nutrition very very very simple.  Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated during eating times. Eat whole foods, brown rice, pasta, potatoes, porridge oats, bananas etc. These really help to release sugar slowly and will last a longer time. A good trick is also to eat some almonds as they are healthy fats and will also keep you fuller for longer. Also juicing, especially those berry smoothies will go a long way, giving you the right antioxidants you need for peak performance
Fasting when revising for such a special exam is very difficult but many others have done it and you can do it too. You are fasting for an important reason which is very personal to you and I sincerely believe it is not easy but it is possible. By applying some of the 3Rs above i hope this will help facilitate things for you and help you succeed.
All the best
Yes you can
PS: Please share with anyone fasting and doing exams

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