6 weeks GPHC Course Guide

6 Week Gphc Calculations Online Master Class: Tools To  Succeed In Your Gphc Calculations Exam

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We are excited to welcome you to our online calculations webinar series. “Great calculation content from the Gphc framework”. At the webinars, Umar Majid ( Pharmacist and Gphc calculations expert) will guide you through the whole process of answering Gphc style questions successfully from beginning to end.


Who Is The Course For:

The calculation webinars will be of great value for any Preregistration Trainee who is anxious about calculations and will like to boost their confidence and competence in dealing effectively with the different types of Gphc calculations. Even if you are confident with Gphc calculations, you are bound to find something new and useful. And of course, you’re welcome to share your experience , ask questions to our tutors and experts, and have a good time with fellow pre registration trainees also enrolled on the online course.

We are doing this course because we want to help pre registration students master calculations online from the comfort of their own homes, in a relaxed, supportive and nourishing environment. We want to simplify various techniques and empower you with the tools and strategies to succeed in your exam.

3 Reasons To Attend The Webinar Course

  • Umar will explain to you step by step how to answer each different type of GPhC calculation and will show you tips and techniques to tackle them successfully


  • This course is a great opportunity to connect directly with a GPhC calculation expert, ask him questions, interact with other pre registration trainees and share your experience.


  • You’ll get 100+ new style GPhC calculations questions, personalised support and a FREE mock online calculations exam. You’ll feel a lot more confident and competent at the end of the 6 weeks course and eventually succeed in your exam.

We’ll host webinars every week (On Thursdays) from 8pm-9:30pm


Welcome aboard!



Week 1. DOSES 


Topics covered:

Doses & dose regimens

  • Dosage & unit conversions
  • Molecular weight


Week 2: Infusion rates & calculations using formulae

Topics covered:


  • Infusion rates
  • Calculations using provided formulae

WEEK 3: Dilutions    

Topics covered:

  • Estimations of kidney function
  • Dilutions


WEEK 4: Displacement Values

Topics covered:

  • Displacement values
  • Values concentrations

WEEK 5:  Health Economics


Topics covered:

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Health economics
  • Quantities to supply


WEEK 6: Mock Exam

Topic covered:

  • Mock GPhC paper
  • Exam tips & techniques
  • Q& A session
  • Confidence Boosting


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