• When does the course start and for how long?

The course is held through out the year in November, March, May and August and  lasts for 6 weeks.

The course is held every Thursday from 7:30pm -9:00pm

  • How do I access the course?

Once you enrol on the course, you will be sent a webinar access link every week before the course. Use this link to access the course. Make sure you access the course using chrome and not internet explorer for quality. You can access the live webinars from a PC, laptop, iPad or iPhone. (Note: May not work on all models of iPhone and iPad)

The registeration link will be sent on mondays

NB: Remember to also have your calculator, pen and paper at each webinar to answer questions under timed conditions.

  • Do you do a clinical session too?

The course only focuses on calculations and no clinical sessions. However, we have a few BNF summary videos on you tube (channel: marvinmunzu) and the rest is covered by our partners Team pre preg. In due course we will be doing more youtube clinical videos.


  • What if I can’t attend a session?

All trainees will have access to replay videos of all the webinars straight after each class. The replays are timed and will be accessible for 1 week after the class. So make sure to watch the replay videos within a week of each class.


  • How will the class be structured?

Each class will follow the same structure. Each class will be divided into 3 parts

Part1: Answers and working of pre course questions

Part 2: Questions under timed conditions

Part 3: Q& A session

The  first part will be answering the pre course work questions and showing you how to answer them correctly. The second part will be practising a few questions under timed conditions (3 mins per question) and the last part will be discussing the answers to each question and also taking your questions live.


  • What is covered on the course?

The course content follows the GPhC framework as outlined below


Week 1 Doses & dose regimens

Molecular weight

Week 2 Infusion rates

Calculations using provided formulae

Week 3 Estimation of kidney failure & dilutions
Week 4 Displacement volumes & values


Week 5 Pharmacokinetics

Health economics

Quantities to supply

Week 6 Mock Exam (questions & answers



  • When will the pre course work be sent?

The pre course work material will be sent as a video by email on Mondays before the class on Thursday.


  • How do we attend the class?

You will be sent a webinar link a few days before the course. Please check your emails for your access link. Please check your junk email too. You will normally access the webinar with your first name and the email you entered when you purchased the course.


  • What if I can’t attend or withdraw from the course, do I get a refund?

There will be NO REFUNDS once you have started the course or in receipt of any course material. You will be entitled to a full refund ONLY if you cancel or withdraw before the course starts and you haven’t received or accessed any course material. Once the course begins, and once you have accessed the course material we will not authorise any refunds.


  • Can I pay in instalments?

All payments must be made in full and no instalments. If you’re unable to pay for the course in full, you can enrol on the next course at a later date.


  • Will the sessions explain concepts on how to recognise different types of questions and what formula to use or will it be answering questions and showing the workings?

The course will focus on answering different GPhC style questions under timed conditions. Concepts will be explained as well as different techniques to answer GPhC style questions and sharing tips and easy calculation strategies.



  • Would you still be doing free webinar sessions?

We won’t do any free webinar sessions once the course begins. Students will still have access to the previous webinars but all new questions and full attention will be solely given to attendees on the course until the course finishes.


  • Can you help us with different calculations questions from different sources?

Unfortunately, because of the large number of students enrolled on the course, we won’t be able to answer different questions from each student from different sources. We will only be able to deal with queries based on the questions we provide rather than questions from external sources.


  • Are questions going to be sent in a printable format?

Questions will ONLY be sent in VIDEO format to your email due to the risk of sharing with students not enrolled on the course. This will be very unfair on students who have enrolled. All questions will be sent to you in a video format. The mock paper will be taken online and answers discussed in a live class.


  • How do we contact you for support?

You can contact us for support and queries on the course or our calculation questions by emailing : gphccourse@gmail.com


  • Do you also provide one-to-one tuition?

One to one sessions can be arranged directly by emailing us on gphccourse@gmail.com


  • How many questions will be in the mock paper and is it the same mock paper as the “Calculations from hell” paper?

The mock paper will be a full mock of 40 GPhC style questions. This is a completely new paper from last year’s mock paper and is a different paper from “The 40 Gphc calculations from hell” last year.

The mock will be done ONLINE at the end of the 6 weeks under exam conditions and all students will only have ONE attempt.



  • How do I register on the course and do I get a discount?


You can book a place on the course by clicking the link below