A Few Tips & Advice to Help You Pass Your Pre Reg Exam

How is your revision going for the exam? how are you feeling? I just thought i’d drop you a message to see how you are getting on and hope you all is well. I also thought i’d share with you some advice which could help you succeed in your exam
1) Believe in yourself
Others have done it and you can do it too. You have passed many exams in the past and the mere fact that you have been signed off by your tutor means you are capable and have the necessary skills and knowledge to pass
2) Its normal to be anxious
As the exam draws closer, you may either feel more confident or more nervous. But its normal to be nervous before the exam, or to feel there is still a lot for you to cover. Everyone experiences this and i did to even walking into the exam, but once you start the paper, everything will be fine
3) You don’t need to know everything to pass
You have an allowance to fail certain questions and the exam is not designed to catch you out. Its not designed to make you fail. But it has been designed with an allowance for you to get a number of questions wrong but still pass. So don’t kill yourself or be stressed if there is a topic or calculation you don’t get. Chances are they may not even come up in the exam, and if they do, you can still pass the exam even without answering them or getting them wrong.
Believe in yourself, stay positive.
You will pass

How To Revise For Your Pre Reg Exam During Ramadan

Revising whilst fasting is extremely difficult so i have put together these tips for you if you are fasting. If you are not fasting, then please kindly share or forward the mail to a friend of colleague you know who is to support them and help them succeed.
Here are my “3Rs ” steps  to prepare for your pre reg exam whilst fasting
1) Rest
Revising on an empty stomach is extremely challenging as our bodies need nutrients to perform at their best. But don’t be discouraged because there are still many things you can do to improve your revision. The first step will be to schedule your rest times. You will need to fit in rest times, not just randomly but actively schedule them.
2) Revision cards
It is difficult to absorb huge junks of information on an empty stomach. This is when you really want to maximise the use of revision cards or mind maps or any form of summary notes which can create instant links and revision tools. By this time you should have already done the bulk of your reading so use more mind maps and revision cards to optimise your revision during fasting.
3) Rejuvenate
You will have to adjust your revision schedule because of a change in eating times during the fasting period. But it is essential that you get the right nutrients when you can to rejuvenate your body and give it the right fuel to keep you through out the day. So here is my key tip to rejuvenate your body. keep your nutrition very very very simple.  Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated during eating times. Eat whole foods, brown rice, pasta, potatoes, porridge oats, bananas etc. These really help to release sugar slowly and will last a longer time. A good trick is also to eat some almonds as they are healthy fats and will also keep you fuller for longer. Also juicing, especially those berry smoothies will go a long way, giving you the right antioxidants you need for peak performance
Fasting when revising for such a special exam is very difficult but many others have done it and you can do it too. You are fasting for an important reason which is very personal to you and I sincerely believe it is not easy but it is possible. By applying some of the 3Rs above i hope this will help facilitate things for you and help you succeed.
All the best
Yes you can
PS: Please share with anyone fasting and doing exams

3 Important Decisions You Must Make Before & During Your Pre Reg Exam

We are now in the examination month. Time has gone so fast hasn’t it? But the good news is you are now closer to achieving your goal of becoming a pharmacist. All these years of hard work will finally pay off. I want to make this very short because i know your time is so valuable at this stage.
So here’s what i’ve got for you. In this final month leading to your exam, there are 3 key decisions which you must focus on and which will determine whether you succeed or not.  Here are the 3 key decisions you must consciously control to pass
1) Your decision on what to focus on
 If you attended any of my sessions, i did highlight the importance of controlling your focus, because what ever you focus on you experience. What are you focusing on as the exam approaches this month? Are you focusing on what is going on well with your revision or are you focusing on what’s not going well? You must make a conscious decision this month to focus on positive thoughts and what is going on well
2) Your decision on what things mean
As you revise this final month you’ll unconsciously make decisions about what the
 results you are experiencing mean. What does not answering certain questions correctly in your mocks or revision mean? What does getting a few questions wrong mean to you? Does it mean you will fail or does it mean you will still pass regardless?
You must take control of this process and assign the most positive and empowering meaning to the results you are getting.
3) Your decision about what to do now
You decision about what actions to take will determine your ultimate result. So what do you do when you are still not fully confident of passing the exam at this stage? Do you give up or do you persist and stay positive knowing you will be ready on the day and you will pass?
Thanks for reading. I hope this is helpful. The reason i’m sending you these messages these month is because at this stage, the most important aspect of your preparation is your ‘mental preparation’. preparing yourself mentally to pass and to be able to recall all the information you have learnt through out the year
Good luck and i’ll speak to you soon
kind regards,


14 Proven Scientific Study Tips

14 Proven Scientific Study tips for exams

Thanks for reading this article. In this article i will introduce you to 14 proven scientific study tips to help you succeed at any exam. These techniques are well researched and if applied are guaranteed to produce outstanding results
I kindly request that you read and apply this information or share it with someone who is preparing for exams

1) How long should you study for?
Research shows that our brains retain information better in small chunks at regular intervals as oppose to big chunks at once
You’ll retain far more information if you did 10 short regular ’30mins’ study sessions rather than a straight 10hr session. Ideally, 45mins-1hr revision sessions with regular breaks have been shown to be most effective. Regular breaks can also boost productivity and improve your focus.
2)Should you study directly from an Ipad or Print?
Computers, tablets and all sorts of e-learning formats are good, but research has shown that the old fashion ‘print’ is still more effective for retention.
Reading time is 6.2% slower with an IPad than a printed book or handout, and kindle is 10.7% slower.
A study done by a psychology lecturer from Leicester university found that students who read the same information from a computer had to read several times to fully absorb the information compared to students who read the information on print
Print out all lecture notes etc and avoid studying directly from an Ipad or computer
3) Where is the best place to study?
Studies show that studying the same information in different places each day improves memory. Everytime you move to a new place to study the same material, you activate new associations which improve memory
So next time you are revising, make sure you study the same information in different places, library, class room, bedroom etc. to improve retention

4) Test yourself
A study in science magazine showed that students who tested themselves after learning a subject retained 50% more information a week later than students who did not test themselves.
Get as many practise papers as possible and test yourself after learning each new topic.

5)Avoid distractions
A study by the university of Indiana showed that distractions such as texting or using social media while studying reduce brain efficiency as they interfer with the absorbing and processing of information
Turn your phone off during study periods to maximise your revision

6) Turn up the Music
I don’t mean ‘Justin Beiber’. Classical music has been shown to stimulate brain waves which activate memory.
Dowload some Pandora and play it while studying. Hans Zimmer’s pandora study music is a favourite and helps engage the brain

7) Make the connections
Tony Buzzan, author of Mind Maps, showed that quick learners make connections between ideas as oppose to merely memorising them.
Learn actively by making connections and associations with any new material you learn. The best tool i have found in my experience for making connections is learning to use mind maps by Tony Buzzan.
Mind maps are an incredible tool for activating all parts of your brain and improving learning and retention capacity.
8) Supercharge your brain
Several studies have shown the benefits of exercising and how it improves concentration, focus and performance. According to Dr Douglas Mckeag from the university of Indiana, exercise gets blood flowing into your brain, oxygenates it and increases your alertness and mental capacity.
So before you start revising, do some light exercise, brisk walk, jogg, run etc for a few minutes and activate your brain power

9) What should you eat before exam?
Studies show that eating a healthy balanced diet and keeping yourself hydrated is essential for brain function. In a study, students who took water with them to exams were more alert than those who did not.
There is a library of evidence on the benefits of fish oil for brain activity and nutients such as omega 3, 6 and 9.
Ensure you eat a balanced diet, a good amount of fish, nuts, avocados, almonds and olive oil in the weeks before your exam and keep yourself hydrated. A good combination of omega 3,6 & 9 can be found in the fantastic Udo’s Oil. Buy it if you can.
Do not forget to take some water with you to every exam.
10) How should you make notes?
Flashcards are best for active recall. Studies have shown the ‘Leitner System’ to be very effective in helping recall information quicker. This system also helps you review material which you know least over and over until you memorise it
11) When is the best time to study?
There isn’t really a best time to study, it all depends on the individual, but studies have shown that our brains form new connections when we are asleep.
You will therefore process and retain information better if you read new information just before going to bed as oppose to in the day when you have more distractions. But study times vary, some people study better in the mornings, some afternoons, some evenings and others at night. Find out what works best for you and stick to it.

12) When should you review your lecture notes?
Researchers have demonstrated that the first time you hear a lecture or study something new, if you review the material that same day within 24hrs , you prevent yourself from forgetting up to 80% of what you learned. After a week it only takes 5 mins to retain 100%
Review your lecture notes on the same day of the lecture to retain it

13) Teach it
The best way to learn something is to teach it. A study separated students into two groups. One group was asked to study the topic to take a test at the end, while the other group was asked to study the same topic but to teach it to colleagues at the end. Students who were asked to teach the topic understood the topic better than those who only read it for the test.
Get together with friends and perform various role plays. Act as a teacher and teach each topic you learn. When you learn to teach a subject you activate your brain at a deeper level creating an indepth understanding of a subject. You will also get feedback from colleagues
14) Study with A+ students
Most of the outstanding results i got at university and school were as a result of studying with other hard working and intelligent students. Most were more intelligent and challenged me to work harder.
Join a good study group, or network of hardworking students to guarantee good results

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Best of luck in your exams
Kind regards,


………I was so shocked, my jaws dropped to the floor

i asked “can you please repeat what you just said again?”. This was not the kind of fairy tale first graduate job i expected. “Do you have any other jobs? may be something office based?” i asked. “Not for now, but i will keep an eye open for you”, she replied
That month i applied for 25 jobs and got 25 rejections. I was devastated. Each job i applied for, i was told i did not have enough skills or there was always another candidate better than me
My mornings were routine, i woke up each day, dragged myself out of bed, freshened up, had breakfast and logged straight into my computer to apply for jobs. My afternoons were spent knocking on doors and dropping my CV door to door
I occasionally had telephone interviews which usually got me very excited and hopeful, but in the end always ended up in dissapointments. With each rejection, my confidence was bruised further and every day my wounds got deeper and deeper.
It was now four months after graduating, four months after one of the most memorable and treasured days of my life and my situation had not improved. I was still unemployed and things were just about to take a turn for the worse
It was a monday morning at 7:00 am, I was fast asleep when i heard a very large knock on my door.It was so loud i could hear my walls shaking. I jumped out of bed in panic, my heart was beating very fast, who could be knocking on my door this early in the morning and so loud? i asked.
I wore my t.shirt and rushed to the door. Who is it? I asked and as i opened the door , guess what i saw?……………………………..

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The story of my first graduate job

http://eepurl.com/bB_jpvLet me share with you a little story of my first graduate job experience

I graduated in the summer of 2003 with a Bsc (Hons) degree in Pharmaceutical Management.  It was a pleasant sunny day at the University of Bradford, blue skies, many smiling faces all dressed in beautifully designed black graduation gowns, black polished shoes and shinny, fresh trimmed hair cuts, love
ly make ups and radiant faces as we all walked into the enormous graduation auditorium to receive our well deserved degree certificates.

I was so excited as I walked to the stage to collect my certificate. And as I stood on the stage, I could feel my blood rushing through my veins as the sounds of the claps and cheers in the auditorium got louder. In the distance at the far right was my family and friends screaming so loud you could hear the building shake “congratulations marvin …..you did it” they screamed.

As I stood on the stage looking down at my family and friends holding my white certificate rolled and tied in a beautiful red ribbon, I felt nothing but a sense of pride and joy, I could see my mum in the far corner, left row, dressed in a colourful red dress and wearing a red hat as tears of joy slowly dropped down her eyes to her cheeks. It was my moment, I felt proud, I felt loved, I felt successful

As I walked out of the auditorium, I was overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses, the massive grin on my face and the million dollar smile, as I posed for pictures with every and anyone.

I had made it. “I am now a graduate” I said. My possibilities are now endless. I could not wait to start applying for jobs and begin life in the real world. Making tons and tons of money finally, working for a prestigious pharmaceutical company like Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Novartis you name it. I was at the top of my mountain and ready to take over the world. I was a pharmaceutical management graduate. I couldn’t wait to land my first pharmaceutical job and make my family and friends proud.

The next day I woke up feeling good and determined. It was Tuesday 15th June 2003 . I Felt very excited to go job hunting as I dressed in front of the mirror. I put on my elegant white shirt, my red silk tie, tailor made black suit, polished black shoes and silver watch and four sprays of Armani code fragrance. I felt like ‘James Bond’. Yeessssss…..

I grabbed my black briefcase with all my paperwork including my degree certificate, my blue student bus pass which still had a month to expiry and I stepped out of my flat and headed to the job agencies.

First stop was Adecco recruitment. I felt confident and excited as I walked up the long stairway to the main office entrance. I buzzed the bell waiting in anticipation.

Then the door opened. Standing in front of me was a gorgeous young lady. Tall,  blue eyes, blonde hair, grey suit and skirt, black high heels with the whitest teeth and most angelic smile I have ever seen
“Come in, I’m Tracy,  how can I help you?’ She said. I just recently graduated and I am looking for work, I replied “Congratulations, come over to my desk and I will register you and get you a job asap”

As I walked to her desk I was greeted by smiles and ‘hi’s from six other colleagues all dressed in suits and looking very professional on the phones to clients.

I went through all my details with Tracy. She was very warm and supportive. She was very impressed with my pharmaceutical management degree and my university experience. ‘The sky is your limit” she said. “I will do my best to match your skills and degree to the best job for you, I will get you into a good pharmaceutical company I promise. Once I get something I will call you, here is my business card, nice meeting you and I will be in touch soon”. She walked me to the door and as I walked down the stairs I was so content and eagerly awaiting her call

As I went back to my bedsit, I laid down on my black leather sofa, I turned on the kettle and made a cup of green tea. I waited impatiently with my mobile phone, jumping up quickly and responding to any phone call.

The day went by with no phone call from Tracy. May be it will be tomorrow, I said,  No phone call and next day, still no phone call.

I had to be patient. The next week my phone started ringing at 9am. “This must be Tracy” i said as I sprinted to my phone. No it wasn’t,  it was a telemarketing call from a call centre in India.
Finally on Thursday at 13:00. My phone started ringing, I rushed to it and it was Adecco calling. ‘Hello’ I said. Hi Marvin it’s Tracy from Adecco how are you today?” Very well thank you, I replied excitedly

“Well I think I have some good news for you. I got you a job in a pharmaceutical company which matches your profile”. Wow really? I said. “Yes it’s a great company and they need you to start tomorrow if you can.” She said.

“Certainly,  where and which company is it?” I replied. “It is a branch of pfizer, but you will need some safety boots, a helmet and a very thick jacket, as it is in a very cold warehouse stacking up shelves” she replied…  I know it’s not what you expected but it’s the best job out there that matches your profile at the moment and a great start for you……………I was shocked and speechless as my jaws dropped to the floor……..Whaaaaaattttt?


For the second part of this story and what i did next, Enter your email address on my website and you’ll receive it automatically in your email. marvinmunzu.com  on 16th October 2015. Don’t miss it.. It’s very exciting.

“WHAT I DID NEXT” on  Friday 16th October 2015

My Motivational letter to the (26%) pharmacy pre-reg students that failed this years exam


Dear friend,

I may not know you personally but i feel your pain and disappointment. I understand how difficult it is after putting in so many years of study, four hard years at university, graduating and falling at the final hurdle (pre-reg). I empathise with you. I too failed a few exams when i was studying for my pharmacy degree. Its very painful when everyone else seems to be celebrating except you

You must always remember  that you are truly special and have a unique gift and ability. You are very intelligent and very capable because you have already achieved a masters degree in Pharmacy

I believe you can do it and you will do it next time. If this was your last chance, then you will still succeed in what ever career you decide to pursue. It is not what happens to us that affects our future, but what we ‘DECIDE‘ to do about what happens.

It is not failing this exam that determines your future, but rather what you decide to do about it NOW.

Here are 5 key messages of encouragement i’ll like to share with you

1) You are good enough

You are good enough and you have the power within you to pass this exam. Just because today is painful doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be great. You have already made it this far and have already overcome several challenges through out your university and pre-reg year. Failure is an integral part on the way to success and self realisation. Each failure brings you a step closer to achieving your goal

2) You are not your failures

No matter how often you fail, you are not a failure as long as you don’t give up. Life did not come with instructions. Accept that you’ll fail from time to time. You are not your mistakes, you are not your failures, you are not your struggles and you are here now with the power to shape your today and your tomorrow. No matter how painful this experience has been, it is now in the past and your future is clean and promising. What you do with it now depends on you, your past does not equal your future

3) Positive thinking creates positive results

Winston Churchill said ‘ Success is moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm’. If others have done it, you can do it too. The mind must believe it can do something before it can actually achieve it. Negative thinking creates negative results and positive thinking creates positive results. To get the positive results you desire and deserve, you must make a commitment to be positive. You have what it takes to succeed. Use this disappointment as a great teacher and allow yourself to learn some of the most valuable life lessons

Each failure makes you stronger, bigger and better.

I believe in you. I know you have what it takes to succeed. Your destiny is in your hands, its in the decision you make now about this experience. Use this as a stepping stone to propel you to great success. You are not alone on your journey, every successful person has failed several times. 

I know you will be a great and successful pharmacist. You will achieve your dream. Your hard work will pay off. And when you pass, i’ll be waiting for you on the other side

Yours sincerely




5 Things every Pharmacist must do on a Monday to have a productive week

Dear pharmacist, the start of your week will determine your productivity and success for the week.

A successful week begins with a commitment to make the week successful. It starts with a mental preparation and then a physical realisation.

So let’s not waste anymore of your precious time and go straight into the 5 key things you must absolutely do today to ensure a successful week

1) Charge your mental state

Start today with positive thoughts. A determination and mental commitment to make your week successful.

  • Write down 2-3 top work goals to achieve this week (NMS, MURS, new patient sign ups, CPDs etc)
  • Write down 2-3 personal goals to achieve this week
  • Commit to staying positive and productive this week regardless of any obstacles

2) Have a quick 2-minute huddle with your staff

Your staff or work colleagues are key to making your week successful. Have a quick update meeting with your staff and set their goals for the week. Motivate them and spread your positive energy and enthusiasm to them. Spend time with them and encourage them

3) Eat healthy & exercise

Plan and prepare your meals in advance to avoid snacking. Decide to eat healthy this week, eat foods that empower and boost your energy. Also drink more water than teas or coffees and make some time to exercise and rejuvenate your body and mind

4) Plan some fun activities

Plan a few fun after work activities for the week (socialise, watch a movie or go to the cinema, read an interesting book or article, go to a restaurant, hobbies  etc)

5) Review

Review your week at the end, notice what worked successsfully, what goals you achieved and what did not work and make an effort to improve for the following week

Wishing you a productive and successful week.

Happy monday


Ask the Pharmacist: Exercise tips for your Heart

images (1)

We all know the benefits exercise has on our hearts. But here are a few exercise tips your heart will love. Tips which will ignite your internal power house and fire your health to the top

1) Exercise regularly

Studies show that doing moderate exercises (e.g brisk walking, swimming, running) for just 30 mins a day, five days a week can significantly boost your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases

2) Consult your doctor

If you have any medical condition such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, you should always consult a doctor first before beginning any sort of exercise regimen.

3) Choose the right type and right intensity

Not all types of exercises may be suitable for you especially if you have any heart disease. Ignore the high intensity exercises such as push ups, heavy lifting, sit ups and go for less intense ones such as walking, swimming and light jogging. Perform these exercises at a moderate intensity

4) Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated all the time, drink lots of water even when you don’t feel thirsty whilst exercising

5) Pace Yourself

Maintain a steady pace when exercising, and rest between workouts to recuperate

6) Avoid extreme weather conditions

Avoid exercising in extreme weather conditions. Do not exercise outdoors if its too hot, too cold or very humid as these could trigger shortness of breath and chest pain

7) Pull your emergency trigger

Always be prepared for any emergencies and recognise the signs. Stop exercising and consult your doctor immediately if you are feeling dizzy, short of breath or experiencing chest pain

The PharmacyFitnessGuru