Pre Registration Exam Success Coaching

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Congratulations, you are just a step away from taking your Pre registration exam. You have everything you need to succeed in your exam. You have all the resources within you. You have passed exams in the past, You have done it before and you CAN do it again.

We can show you some unique tools, techniques and strategies to mentally prepare yourself to pass your pre registration exam

Why should you have a Coaching session before your exam?

Do you feel anxious about the exam? Are you worried about your calculations? Do you lack the motivation and confidence or feel you might fail?

Then don’t worry, becuase we know exactly how you feel. We know how much you want to pass this exam and how much it means to you. We know how much hard work you’ve put in and the sacrifice, the sleepless nights, the stress, the frustrations and the anxiety. We know this because we did the exam too and we have coached several pre reg students to succeed.

That why we are inviting you to try a pre reg coaching  session with our K-P (Knowledge-psychology) Model for success. This model has been developed from studies that show that most students fail the exam not due to poor knowledge but rather their mental state on the day of the exam.

The main reason most students fail is due to nervousness and anxiety leading to misreading questions, writing the wrong units, wrong conversions, running out of time or not even seeing certain questions at all. All of these can be prevented through our K-P (model)

In the coaching programme, we will introduce you to our unique  2-STEP model to pass the exam. We will show you how to be confident, relaxed and very resourceful on the day of the exam. We will share with you tips for paper 1 and 2 and how to succeed mentally on the day of the exam.We have been invited to several Pre reg training days to teach this model to students, We have coached several students before the exam who like you were nervous but all passed with outstanding results simply using the K-P model.

Pre registration Exam Coaching prepares you both mentally and clinically for the exam by boosting your self-confidence and self belief, helping you to stay calm, focused and unique tips to pass paper 1 and paper 2


What is the Pre Registration Exam Coaching Programme?

The Pre Reg Exam Coaching Programme is a personalised 1 hour one-to-one telephone coaching session with  our team . Marvin is one of the UK’s leading inspirational pharmacy speakers. He has motivated and inspired hundreds of Pre reg students succeed. We will go through step by step techniques which will boost your self-confidence, eliminate any stress, fear or self-doubt. The coaching session will empower you with the believe and attitude for success. You will discover your most resourceful state and your personal strategy for success on exam day.  You will also master powerful secrets and techniques to help you succeed in your calculations and in the second paper.

How can you benefit from the Pre Reg Exam Coaching Programme?

Your confidence on the day of the exam can make the difference whether you pass or fail. By the end of the coaching session, you will feel a lot more confident going into your exam. You will have a personalised plan and strategy to answer your calculations and to excel in paper 2. You will receive cutting edge techniques to cope with fear and anxiety effectively on the day and tools to help guide and support you mentally through out.

Like all other students Marvin has coached,  YOU WILL PASS

What will you cover in the coaching session?

This is what you’ll gain from this sesssion

  • 7 Mental habits to prepare yourself mentally for the exam
  • Two powerful techniques to answer calculations and paper 2 questions successful
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety effectively before the pre registration exam
  • A free copy of Marvin’s bestselling book “SuccessSecrets4students
  • A free motivational audio, to put you in the most resourceful state before and on the day of your exam
  • A free audio of one of Marvin’s live seminars “How to prepare yourself mentally for your pre reg exam”
  • A personal success plan developed for you to succeed in the exam
  • Motivational videos for your revision
  • pre-work sheets
  • Email support and encourgagement from Marvin and the team through out your revision and on the day of the exam

How long will your coaching session  last for?

Each coaching session last for 1 hour

Do you need to prepare before the session?

Once you have paid for the session, a Pre reg worksheet  will be sent to you by email. You will go through this worksheet with our coach and develop your personalised success plan for the exam day.


marvin talk

How much does a session cost?

Each 1 hour session cost : £87 (reduced)

But we have a special offer if you book between 1st  June 2017 – 14th June 2017


( 1 Hour Coaching Session : £65)


We are 100% confident you will feel more motivated, more confident and inspired with the right tools, secrets and techniques to succeed on exam day.

We are so confident that we offer you a 100% full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, motivated and inspired to do your exam at the end of the coaching session

Go ahead and make this investment with nothing to lose

How do you book a session? (4 SIMPLE STEPS)

STEP 1: Call or text this number 07446734516 NOW and speak to a member of our support team

STEP 2: Pay for your session via Paypal or  Bank Transfer

STEP 3: Complete and return the Pre reg questionnaire

STEP 4: Book an available session

Alternatively, for any enquiries, simply enter your enquiry below and we will get back to you as soon as possible



How do you pay?

All payment is made securely  via paypal or card transactions

Once payments are received, you will be notified by a member of the team and an available session(s) will be confirmed immediately

NB: Only make payments once you have confirmed and booked a session. Spaces are very limited, so book quick to guarantee an available slot.

Look forward to coaching you and helping you turn your dream of becoming a Pharmacist a reality.




Why not  read some of the feedback which other pre reg students have had with us

Amazing, i enjoyed everything- imagining success to build confidence, motivated to succeess- empowerment to gain knowledge and achieve and pass my pre reg exam. An excellent speaker, 10/10. keep motivating people, you’re great

Brilliant session, i enjoyed Marvin’s energy. It motivated me and its normal to feel demotivated. Amazing speaker 100/10*”

Umeh (Pre reg Pharmacist)

The workshop was very enjoyable. Very Tony Robbins-esque. Brilliant to see someone in pharmacy applying the concepts and ideas of Tony Robbins and NLP in general. I enjoyed the interaction, very engaging. This workshop has reminded me of previous experiences i have had with NLP , changing states and general confidence. I feel more confident. Marvin is an excellent speaker, energetic, passionate. Lovely to see someone spreading information about how things outside the BNF/worklife can influence the results in the exam”

Ishver Bhogal (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Sairah Abdullah (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I liked the workshop and enjoyed the tips and tricks to change behaviour. Marvin motivated me to change my behaviour, 10/10 as a speaker

Nafisah Zahroof (Pre reg Pharmacist)

“I enjoyed the session, loved the inspiration and it has given me more confidence, 10/10”

Amida Begum (Pre reg Pharmacist)

It was great and i enjoyed talking to someone who’s been through this. It helped me develop techniques to motivate myself e.g “shut up” to the negative thoughts in my mind. 10/10. Thank you”

Sadiya Ghumra (Pre reg Pharmacist)

A fantastic workshop, a very interesting and motivated speaker, very interactive. It changed my mind set to be more positive. An excellent and awesome speaker

Wen Chin (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Good session, i enjoyed the tips to pass the exam and change of state of mind. It has helped me feel more confident i’ll pass my exam. Good speaker

Chloe Chong

It was enjoyable and interactive. It motivated me to change myself. 9/10″

Mohammed Javed (Pre- reg Pharmacist)

A very active and motivational session, it increased my motivation and confidence

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the talk, the positive atmosphere and confidence building tips he gave. Its helped me focus on the positive states that will set me up to pass my exam, a very good speaker, keep it up

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I loved the session. I enjoyed the motivation , the pain and pleasure principle. An A+ speaker, great presentation skills, abit more on management skills next time

Naeem Khan (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Great talk, enjoyed the motivation and energy, it has helped me to be more positive 10/10, thank you for your time

Rachel Parmar (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the workshop very much, worth the trip from London. I enjoyed the motivational talks, funny, sarcasm and humbleness. The talk has helped me to me motivated until the end of my exam . 10/10 as a speaker, 100%, subscribed to his channel

Naba Hussain (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the session definitely. I loved how it was very interactive. It made me feel more motivated to pass and prepare for my exam. A first class speaker, A*, brilliant

Hyesha Rahanu (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Fantastic workshop, i enjoyed it very much. i enjoyed how to get motivated and the energy throughout. The talk has boosted my confidence. yes! i will pass- state of mind. 10/10 as a speaker. He is doing a very good job, keep motivating

Prama Yadav (Pre-reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the session, the fact that it was the first session, motivated me for the rest of the day. It has increased my confidence and hope for the future, 10/10″

Emmanuel Obeng (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I liked the interaction and talks/insights of techniques. it has imporved my state of mind. 10/10

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

A great workshop, enjoyed how he motivated us to do well and not think negative. It has made me more motivated and wanting to thrive for the best. great speaker, 10/10

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Good talk, i enjoyed the motivational part and the tips given. Motivated me to study. very good speaker

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

very entertaining, i enjoyed marvin’s character and enthusiasm. It has help motivate me to study and to take up exercise! Gym time, also enhanced my confidence. 10/10, excellent speaker

Edris Mahmud (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Great session, i enjoyed the motivational talk, it increased my confidence. 10/10

Maryam Thula (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Very good talk, loved the energy and enthusiasm, great speaker, i’m inspired

Frank Attah (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the workshop, loved the level of enthusiasm and interaction, it motivated me, excellent speaker

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I loved the overall speech, it increased my confidence, excellent speaker 10/10

Adeeb Akhtar (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Good session, enjoyed how interactive it was, motivational, lots of positivity and humour. Motivated me. Excellent speaker

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I liked the engagement and it increased my confidence, 10/10, excellent speaker

Rahima (pre reg Pharmacist)

Really inspirational, i loved his stories, made me feel more confident. 10/10 as a speaker”

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Very good and excellent workshop, i enjoyed all of it. It made me feel more confident- i can do it. Very very good- excellent. 10/10

Sophia Saleem (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the session, i enjoyed the illustrations to day to day life. It encouraged me not to quit my pre reg. 10/10, marvin is  good

Hajaratu Sesay (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Great motivational talk, it has made me more motivated and i understand my weaknesses and how to overcome them. Great speaker 10/10. Excellent, we need more time with Marvin

Kamar Farooq (Pre reg Pharmacist)



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