1-2-1 Confidence Coaching

What results do you want to achieve? What outcome (s) do you want? What are your goals? What stops you from achieving what you want?

What stops most of us from achieving our goals and realising our full potential is lack of confidence in our self and our abilities. Your self confidence will determine how much of your potential you tap into

Why do you need to be confident?

Self-confidence is the key to success in anything you do. Think of some of the most successful people you know in society, what one quality do they all have? Self-confidence.

You must believe in yourself and your capabilities to achieve any goals and dreams you desire.

Benefits of self confidence

  • Self confidence leads to career progression and success
  • Self-confidence leads to a better quality of life and fulfillment
  • Self-confidence makes you attractive to others and charismatic
  • Self-confidence is the tool to unlock your potential and achieve your dreams



In our cutting edge 1-2-1 confidence coaching programme, we focus on helping you achieve your goals with a clear and robust strategy. We define clearly what you want to achieve and identify the barriers which stop you from achieving them. We unlock your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs that inspire you and motivate you to be the best you can be.We work together to develop a successful action plan and motivational strategies to continuously increase and maintain a high level of self confidence and condition this state so its natural to you.


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This empowering programme will make you feel extremely confident, it will increase your self belief and transform your self image. You will achieve your goals faster, you’ll be happy and fulfilled. You’ll make a significant impact where ever you go..

If you don’t believe in yourself? why should others do?

Here’s what you’ll gain from having a self-confidence coaching session:

  1. ) Define your goals with clarity & power
  2. ) Identify the limiting beliefs which have stopped you from being confident
  3. )Develop new empowering beliefs to enhance your confidence & self image
  4. )Feel confident wherever you go.
  5. ) Belief in yourself and your potential and live a fulfilling life
  6. )Condition your mind and body for success


How long will my coaching session  last for?

Each coaching session last for 45 minutes

Do you need to prepare before the session?

Once you have paid for the session, a confidence workbook will be sent to you by email. You will go through this work book with Marvin and develop your personal self confidence and success plan.


How much does a session cost?


There are 3 telephone coaching packages

  • BRONZE PACKAGE :One 45 mins coaching session (£65)


  • SILVER PACKAGE :Block booking (3 sessions) (£170)



  • GOLD PACKAGE: Block booking (5 sessions) (£270)


1-2-1 Private Coaching at your location

1 Hour session (£99) (This price does not include travel cost)




We are 100% confident you will feel more confident and inspired with the right tools, secrets and techniques to me more confident after the session.


We are so confident that we offer you a 100% full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, more confident or inspired after the session


Go ahead and make this investment Now with nothing to lose


How do you book a session?

Call the telephone number below and speak to a member of our support team who will book your session and provide any more information

Call 07446734516 NOW! to book your confidence coaching session

Alternatively you can email: marvin.munzu@yahoo.com


How do you pay?


All payment is made securely  via paypal or bank transfer


Once payments are received, you will be notified by a member of the team and an available session(s) will be confirmed immediately


NB: Only make payments once you have confirmed and booked a session. Spaces are very limited, so book quick to guarantee an available slot.


Look forward to coaching you and helping you to boost your self confidence and turn your dreams into reality




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