Several pre reg students have succeeded with our services. Read a few success stories and student feedback below:


“Marvin I passed. Thanks for all your help Marvin, I wouldn’t have done this without you especially calcs, thanks”

(Yasmin Bayatpoor)

Hi Marvin, I just got my letter through the post and I surprised myself especially with calcs. I got 34/40. From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for your constant support in helping me achieve my dream

 (Qamar Un-Nisa)

Marvin!!! I got the email and I PASSED!!! I DID IT!!! I don’t know how but I did it!!!!! Honestly I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without you Marvin. Your webinars before the exam made me ready and prepared for this. I never gave up and I never gave in. Passed calcs

(Irsalan Ahmed)

Hey marvin, just wanted to let you know I passed my exam, I am so grateful for your help. I achieved 35/40 in calcs. thank you so much xx

(Ayah Abbass)

Hi marvin, hope all is well! Just done first exam! Was an alright paper i think! Your pre exam tips have definitely helped so far!! Hoping for similar in paper 2!!

(Danvir Randhawa)

Hi Marvin, I just passed the exam. Thanks for the coaching and calculations paper. They instilled confidence in me and helped me pass. I am so grateful for your support

(Yasmin Sabouni)

Hi Marvin, I passed. Your contribution and support along with your message of positivity really helped me in a dark time following my June failings. Keep up the good work friend, you’ll inspire a generation

(Tushar Joshi)

Hi Marvin, just wanted to let you know I passed. I was about to give up but your support and coaching session gave me the confidence to succeed.  I passed

Thank you so much

(Hollie Broome)



Amazing, i enjoyed everything- imagining success to build confidence, motivated to succeess- empowerment to gain knowledge and achieve and pass my pre reg exam. An excellent speaker, 10/10. keep motivating people, you’re great

Brilliant session, i enjoyed Marvin’s energy. It motivated me and its normal to feel demotivated. Amazing speaker 100/10*”

Umeh (Pre reg Pharmacist)

The workshop was very enjoyable. Very Tony Robbins-esque. Brilliant to see someone in pharmacy applying the concepts and ideas of Tony Robbins and NLP in general. I enjoyed the interaction, very engaging. This workshop has reminded me of previous experiences i have had with NLP , changing states and general confidence. I feel more confident. Marvin is an excellent speaker, energetic, passionate. Lovely to see someone spreading information about how things outside the BNF/worklife can influence the results in the exam”

Ishver Bhogal (Pre reg Pharmacist)


Sairah Abdullah (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I liked the workshop and enjoyed the tips and tricks to change behaviour. Marvin motivated me to change my behaviour, 10/10 as a speaker

Nafisah Zahroof (Pre reg Pharmacist)

“I enjoyed the session, loved the inspiration and it has given me more confidence, 10/10”

Amida Begum (Pre reg Pharmacist)

It was great and i enjoyed talking to someone who’s been through this. It helped me develop techniques to motivate myself e.g “shut up” to the negative thoughts in my mind. 10/10. Thank you”

Sadiya Ghumra (Pre reg Pharmacist)

A fantastic workshop, a very interesting and motivated speaker, very interactive. It changed my mind set to be more positive. An excellent and awesome speaker

Wen Chin (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Good session, i enjoyed the tips to pass the exam and change of state of mind. It has helped me feel more confident i’ll pass my exam. Good speaker

Chloe Chong

It was enjoyable and interactive. It motivated me to change myself. 9/10″

Mohammed Javed (Pre- reg Pharmacist)

A very active and motivational session, it increased my motivation and confidence

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the talk, the positive atmosphere and confidence building tips he gave. Its helped me focus on the positive states that will set me up to pass my exam, a very good speaker, keep it up

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I loved the session. I enjoyed the motivation , the pain and pleasure principle. An A+ speaker, great presentation skills, abit more on management skills next time

Naeem Khan (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Great talk, enjoyed the motivation and energy, it has helped me to be more positive 10/10, thank you for your time

Rachel Parmar (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the workshop very much, worth the trip from London. I enjoyed the motivational talks, funny, sarcasm and humbleness. The talk has helped me to me motivated until the end of my exam . 10/10 as a speaker, 100%, subscribed to his channel

Naba Hussain (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the session definitely. I loved how it was very interactive. It made me feel more motivated to pass and prepare for my exam. A first class speaker, A*, brilliant

Hyesha Rahanu (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Fantastic workshop, i enjoyed it very much. i enjoyed how to get motivated and the energy throughout. The talk has boosted my confidence. yes! i will pass- state of mind. 10/10 as a speaker. He is doing a very good job, keep motivating

Prama Yadav (Pre-reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the session, the fact that it was the first session, motivated me for the rest of the day. It has increased my confidence and hope for the future, 10/10″

Emmanuel Obeng (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I liked the interaction and talks/insights of techniques. it has imporved my state of mind. 10/10

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

A great workshop, enjoyed how he motivated us to do well and not think negative. It has made me more motivated and wanting to thrive for the best. great speaker, 10/10

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Good talk, i enjoyed the motivational part and the tips given. Motivated me to study. very good speaker

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

very entertaining, i enjoyed marvin’s character and enthusiasm. It has help motivate me to study and to take up exercise! Gym time, also enhanced my confidence. 10/10, excellent speaker

Edris Mahmud (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Great session, i enjoyed the motivational talk, it increased my confidence. 10/10

Maryam Thula (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Very good talk, loved the energy and enthusiasm, great speaker, i’m inspired

Frank Attah (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the workshop, loved the level of enthusiasm and interaction, it motivated me, excellent speaker

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I loved the overall speech, it increased my confidence, excellent speaker 10/10

Adeeb Akhtar (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Good session, enjoyed how interactive it was, motivational, lots of positivity and humour. Motivated me. Excellent speaker

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I liked the engagement and it increased my confidence, 10/10, excellent speaker

Rahima (pre reg Pharmacist)

Really inspirational, i loved his stories, made me feel more confident. 10/10 as a speaker”

Anonymous (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Very good and excellent workshop, i enjoyed all of it. It made me feel more confident- i can do it. Very very good- excellent. 10/10

Sophia Saleem (Pre reg Pharmacist)

I enjoyed the session, i enjoyed the illustrations to day to day life. It encouraged me not to quit my pre reg. 10/10, marvin is  good

Hajaratu Sesay (Pre reg Pharmacist)

Great motivational talk, it has made me more motivated and i understand my weaknesses and how to overcome them. Great speaker 10/10. Excellent, we need more time with Marvin

Kamar Farooq (Pre reg Pharmacist)



Everything was great in the workshop, i hope you have big huge goals because i know you can achieve alot

Uvie Coker (Medway School of Pharmacy)

I enjoyed the workshop, i enjoyed the interaction most, the session has helped me see motivation differently. I rate Marvin 10/10 as a speaker, keep doing what you are doing marvin

Rimona Rai (kings College London)

It was an amazing workshop, i enjoyed telling my doubts to shut up. The workshop has made me more motivated to try the impossible. I give Marvin a 10/10, the BEST speaker i have heard”

Noor Jaffar (Kings College London)

I enjoyed the session very much. I enjoyed the motivational aspects the most. The session has helped me think from a different perspective. 9/10 for marvin, there is always room for improvement lol!”

Clara Gomez (Kings College London)

I enjoyed the talk, i enjoyed the energy in the room and the different tips on how to stay motivated. The session has helped me stay motivated no matter what the circumstances. 8/10 for marvin as a speaker

Sheena Kutikal (University College London)

I enjoyed the session, 5 stars. I enjoyed the interaction and it has helped me to stop hesitating all the time and be proactive. 10/10 for marvin as a speaker

Min Xue (UCL school of Pharmacy)

I enjoyed the workshop. The fact he was interactive and engaging. It changed my perspective on a lot. Marvin is a very good speaker”

Masuma Hussain (Kingston University)

The session was well put together. I enjoyed the interaction and the consistency through out the session. It has highlighted the power of the mind on how we perform and enabled me to understand the mechanism behind changing our thoughts and actions. I rate marvin a 10/10 as a speaker”

Beverly Nketia (Medway School of Pharmacy)

The talk was very interactive. It engaged us in activities and the session has really helped me change myself. Very good advise. 10/10.

Marina Boutros (University of Hertfordshire)

“I loved the energy and interaction. I feel more motivated now that i have been made aware of the ways to increase success. I wish the session was longer, 10/10”

Amandeep Dhaliwal (Cardiff University)

I enjoyed the workshop very much, i loved the techniques to motivate ourselves. It encouraged me to think differently. 10/10. Hope you can come to hertfordshire as well

Hoi Ling (University of Hertfordshire)

It was a great session, i enjoyed the positive energy. I feel a lot more positive about things. It showed me the key to success. 10/10

Kiran Johal (Cardiff University)

The session was very good. I enjoyed how Marvin made me realise that i am in control of my future, all is in my hands and its not hard to change it. It has helped me get  ready to take steps to change how i view myself in terms of working life. 10/10 for Marvin as a speaker”

Olivia Mbwadzuwo (UCL School of Pharmacy)

The workshop was very motivational. I enjoyed Marvin’s energy and the topics he spoke about. It has helped me look at things in different more positive aspects. Very good speaker, 10/10

Maryam Olayonuwa (Kingston University)

I enjoyed the workshop, especially telling my negative voice to ‘shut up’. The session has motivated me and given me a clear vision where i want to go. I rate Marvin 10/10 as a speaker”

Mohsin Ahmed (Kingston University)

“I enjoyed the workshop it was very interactive, it made me recognise my current barriers. Marvin is a very engaging speaker, lots of energy and he really kept me focused.”

Safiya Farah (Kingston University)

“The session was really amazing, i enjoyed the motivation tips and energy the most. it has helped me/taught me how to motivate myself. 10/10”

Evelyn Slaw (Kingston University)

I enjoyed everything about the workshop, it motivated me and i expect more workshops like this”

Lidet Belay (Kingston University)

Loved it, every aspect was exceptional 100%, it motivated me, thank you marvin

Reynalyn Mosuela (Kingston University)

It was fantastic, i loved it, the advice on how to get things done. It has helped me not to give up, 10/10

Kani Ismail (Kingston University)

I enjoyed the talk and how interactive it was. i like the pain/pleasure part and it made me believe in myself. It was amazing, 10/10. I had a really good time it made me feel motivated

Maz Vyta (Kingston University)

It was a superb session. i enjoyed the interaction, it has made me more positive 10/10. Marvin is perfect, keep doing what you are doing marvin

Ivneet Bagga (Kingston University)

I had a brilliant time. i loved the fact that marvin was engaging throughout and full of energy. It is very motivational and encourages you to keep going and achieve what you want. Amazing, full of energy and engaging. 10/10

Nouras Al-Tamimi (Kingston University)

This talk helped me to re-analyse certain areas of my life where i have been limiting myself. Marvin is the best speaker 10/10. He motivated me to go for a role i have been looking forward to.

Rachael Adeosun (Kingston University)

I enjoyed the talk “yessss”. I loved the fact that i got motivated from 0 to 100% in no time. It has made me realise that focus is very important. I rate marvin 100/100 as a speaker. i wish marvin all the best”

Warda Mooge (Kingston University)

It was a great workshop. I loved the part where marvin spoke about creating rapport. Its truly inspired me. 10/10. I love Marvin

Ibrahim Hafedi (Kingston University)

It was very good. I enjoyed the tips and advice. It has made me very motivated, 5/5. Brilliant session

Rabiya Anwar (Kingston University)

Great workshop, i enjoyed the immersion part. It has help motivate me for the future and taught me how to continue motivating myself. It was great to meet Marvin, 10/10″

Anser Zafar (Kingston university)







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